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If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up daily with expertly done brows, one of these services may do you just that.

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If you maintain shaped and filled-out brows, you probably have a set routine: monthly threading appointments, weekly self-plucking sessions, and daily makeup steps. It takes effort and time carved out from other priorities, although the dedication to brow maintenance makes sense. 

Well-groomed eyebrows have the power to elevate how you look and even how you communicate. After all, eyebrows are a part of how we express ourselves. For example, one raised eyebrow can mean you’re feeling skeptical, while two raised eyebrows frame shock. And even though your brows don’t move when you make an eye-roll, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure they look good as you express annoyment.

Save time in your daily makeup and brow maintenance routine by investing in an eyebrow service that offers results that last for at least a month. (Photo by Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash)

So to save precious time, you may want to consider brow services that keep your brows groomed and fill-out for months instead of weeks. Here are four different procedures from brands specializing in eyebrow makeovers depending on what result you want to achieve, whether for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup or for attaining a gradient effect. 

After going through any of these treatments, you can give your eyebrow makeup products a rest for a month or two until the results wear off. 

3D Eyebrow Embroidery by The Eyebrowdery

If you wish you could wake up with expertly filled-out eyebrows each morning, you can get them “embroidered.” The Eyebrowdery specializes in semi-permanent makeup using cosmetic tattoo procedures. In their 3D Eyebrow Embroidery service, they apply the semi-permanent tint on your eyebrows by hand, mimicking eyebrow strands to ensure a natural-looking finish.

It depends on the skill level of the artist you’re comfortable with for the service’s cost. For a “Prime Master” to apply the semi-permanent treatment on you will cost P28,998. While the same service by a “Senior Artist” is priced less at P19,998.

After the treatment your brows will look full, properly shaped, and immediately ready for your next Zoom call.

You can find out more about The Ebrowdery’s services here.

Brow Rehab by Brow Lounge

Brow Lounge offers eyebrow shaping and tinting through their “Brow Rehab” service for an eyebrow makeover that requires less commitment. They start by analyzing your eyebrow’s existing shape and see how they can improve its outline to highlight your facial features better. After threading the stray eyebrow hairs accordingly, the technician will tint your brows with a formula that lasts for two to three weeks. 

If you already have the optimal eyebrow shape, you can go for the “Brow Tint” offering. A colored formula will be applied to make your brows more defined, which we want when we groom our brows.
You can find out more about Brow Lounge’s services here.

Brow Lamination by Browhaus

If you have genetically thinner eyebrows than you want or if they’ve become sparse due to overplucking, Brow Lamination might help you fix that. Browhaus technicians will fill in the small gaps in your brows through a three-step process to achieve a thicker appearance. 

First, your brows will be prepped with cream before being brushed to fill in spaces. Once set, the brow expert will apply a neutralizing cream to keep the brows in the desired position. In the final step, an undercoat is used to style your brows to the desired shape, and it also serves to nourish each strand. 

The painless procedure only lasts for 50 minutes. Afterward, you can enjoy fuller-looking brows for up to four weeks. 

You can find out more about Browhaus’ services here.

Brow Sculpting and Tinting by Strokes Eye Beauty Studio

Beauty expert and global cosmetics brand founder Momoi Supe is making his brow sculpting skills available to the public. The two-session Browsculpting by Momoi Supe service offers you semi-permanent textured brows for up to 12 months. Priced at P20,000, Supe will shape your eyebrows himself, and the final steps include Photolite Therapy, which uses a light source to ensure your skin’s wellness after the treatment. In addition, you’ll be given an after-care kit to maintain your brows so the tint used can last for a year. 

You can find out more about Strokes Eye Beauty Studio services here.

Banner photo by Photo by Наталья Кленова on Unsplash.

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