Artful Integration: Blending Artificial Intelligence With Beauty

This company launched an application that ingeniously harnesses the power of technology to demystify your make-up and skincare experience.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) opened a multitude of opportunities for different fields to utilize it. From fashion to media, AI is slowly emerging as a tool for humans to streamline their work. Recently, the beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury released an application that combines beauty and AI. 

Charlotte Tilbury app
Charlotte Tilbury app/Photo via Instagram @charlottetilbury

Charlotte Tilbury said in a statement that the app is expertly curated, combining beauty and tech. The application’s goal is to deliver easy beauty tips and suggestions for make-up brands’ customers. The owner of the namesake label describes her application as a 24/7 beauty advice provider—like having your makeup artist and skincare expert in your pocket.

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New Age Beauty

Through the application, customers can now easily identify their perfect shade and a personal skin revival routine through a skin analysis that only takes 60 seconds. Aside from shade matching, the application also can open up the customers to different tutorials and make-up tips that can help their routine. 

Exclusive Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur
Exclusive Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur available in the app/Photo via Instagram @charlottetilbury

The application’s goal is to create a platform for Charlotte Tilbury customers to deepen their understanding of beauty beyond the surface. “These expert tools are perfect for helping to demystify beauty, making makeup and skincare products easy to choose for everyone. Once you’ve discovered the products that are perfect for you, you can go on to purchase them while on the go, directly in the app,” she said. 

Charlotte Tilbury and Bella Hadid
Charlotte Tilbury and Bella Hadid/Photo via Instagram @charlottetilbury

Aside from making sure her customers are well-versed in skincare and make-up, Tilbury also believes in the holistic formation of beauty. “You’ll also receive daily affirmations from me to inspire you to be the most beautiful and confident version of yourself today, tomorrow, and forever,” she states. Her application uplifts not only the outer but also the inner beauty of her customers.

Banner photo via Instagram @charlottetilbury.

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