Boozy Treats: 4 Online Shops Offering Creative Liquor-Infused Desserts - Dine

Satisfy your sweet tooth while taking the edge off by treating yourself with these boozy dessert selections.

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After having a meal, you may have had moments asking yourself if you’d rather have dessert or a drink. When we don’t want to over-indulge, picking one way of treating yourself can work to either satisfy your sweet tooth or take the edge off.

But instead of choosing just one, why not hit both cravings by having a liquor-infused dessert? Whether your favorite dessert is cake, ice cream, or brownies, you can have “drunk” versions of them mixed with rum, bourbon, and whiskey, respectively.

Here are four of our favorite dessert shops that make boozy versions of classic desserts. In addition, they’re all online businesses that make orders in small batches, so expect the offerings to be satisfying, made with quality ingredients, and delivered to your doorstep.

Drunk Baker 

As someone with high standards for desserts, Drunk Baker’s owner and confectioner Joey Silvestre took matters into her own hands by developing recipes that would please her sweet tooth. “I find it rare to really have good desserts that would satisfy my taste,” Silvestre shares. “Sometimes, even the famous ones are just okay with me, so I made my own desserts with texture, taste, and quality that I would be proud to share with family and friends.”

The hotel and restaurant management graduate turned to bake as a form of therapy to cope with the stressors of the pandemic. Since then, after many trial and error runs, she mastered liquor-infused dessert recipes and was encouraged by her loved ones to start the small business. 

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Drunk Baker’s boozy menu includes Whiskey Brownies, Lemon Olive Oil Cake with rum cream cheese, and a whiskey-infused chocolate version of the Olive Oil Cake that’s slathered in chocolate ganache. 

In addition, Silvestre shares that the newly-launched Carrot Olive Oil Cake quickly became a bestseller. It’s also topped with a rum cream cheese frosting, and she notes that it’s satisfyingly flavorful despite its simplicity. 

You can order here.

Tipsy Cream Manila 

For those who prefer cold dessert over baked treats, Tipsy Cream Manila offers alcoholic ice cream. They’ve been around since 2018, being present in night markets such as BGC’s Mercato Centrale and Makati Street Meet.

Tipsy Cream’s selection includes flavors that mimic classic cocktails like mojitos and sangria. But if you enjoy the taste of dark liquor better, the online shop also makes Pistachio Whiskey, Bourbon Custard, and Hot Chocolate Brandy variations you can try. 

You can order here.


The homemade dessert shop makes creative versions of well-known classics. For example, they merge burnt Basque cheesecake with bibingka for a Spanish-Filipino dessert fusion. And for those who find it hard to pick between cheesecake and cookies, Monmonmon marries them together in bar-form. 

Their liquor-infused offering is a tres leches cake soaked in bourbon. Not only is the sponge cake layer infused with liquor, but so is the salted caramel drizzle. You can try Drunk leches for a sweet dessert that packs a punch.

 You can order here.

Fraiche Patisserie

If you’re a fan of cake, you may have already heard of Fraiche Patisserie. With a menu serving flavor staples like strawberry shortcake, red velvet, blueberry cheesecake, and chocolate mousse, they bake offerings that aren’t too experimental but aim to master well-known recipes. 

However, their newest selection (and best seller) is a boozy take on the Italian tiramisu. Their Kahlua Tiramisu Cake is made with ladyfinger biscuits soaked in Bailey’s coffee. For an added layer of decadence, the filling is made of a mix of “100 percent” mascarpone cheese and a sabayon sauce. 

You can order here.

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