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Desserts for every kind of desire.

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Hey Pie People

If you enjoy eating pie, chances are you have already ordered from Hey Pie People. If you are like me, you are probably too slow and have to rely on the kindness of other people to give you a taste.

Created by Raeanne Sagan, each week brings a new pie, with an order form on Instagram that goes up every Saturday at 10:00 AM and sells out immediately. The last one, a delicious pumpkin pie that I only managed to get on the pie black market (or, someone had an extra order) sold out in 33 seconds.

What makes Sagan’s Hey Pie People creations so good? It’s the creative choices she makes, like a Black Sesame Pudding Pie for the mid-autumn festival, or the risky-sounding Mangosteen Coconut Custard Pie (everyone agreed it was a risk well taken). It’s the flavors punched up to 1,000, like another favorite of mine, the Calamansi Caramel Pie. The flaky, buttery crust is so strong you can hold the pie up with your hand.

Each new pie is also accompanied by an anecdote on her Instagram: they range from sweet, funny, and nostalgic (the pumpkin pie was Taylor Swift-esque) and even if I don’t make it in time on the ordering, it’s sometimes enough for me to watch Sagan’s IG stories of people enjoying their loot. Sagan is the head of her pie cult and we are all her devotees.

To get your hands on Hey Pie People’s creations, the order form goes up on @hey.pie.people every 10:00 AM on Saturday. Be quick. Good luck!

Butternut Bakery

Whenever I see a delicious piece of dessert on Instagram, I think of it. I read the comments, watch the IG stories, and peruse the website before I decide. And then sometimes, I make impulsive decisions.

Decadent Desserts: Pies and Cakes for The Holiday Season
La La Leche Flan from Butternut Bakery

The La La Leche Flan Cake was one such decision, spurred on when I realized that the cake was only going to be available for 1 month and that I had one more week to order. It arrived today and was so good, so that’s why I decided to write this article. Sweet (because of the Leche Flan) and tart (because of the dayap curd) and deliciously smothered with dayap Chantilly-cream, there is not enough I can say about this cake. Flecked with 24k gold flakes, it makes you feel truly fancy.

If you miss this cake then don’t despair. Butternut Bakery also offers other cake options: The Guimaras Mango Créme Cake and the Strawberry Chantilly Créme Cake are on my list, along with smaller baby cakes for those of you who can’t decide. Try it all!

Please visit here to order. The La La Leche Flan Cake is only available until November 30 and can be ordered here.

The Manila Baker

For my brother’s birthday, I ordered The Manila Baker’s Honey Bee Salted Pie. It comes in two variants: one with macadamia nuts, and one without. Filled with 100% clover honey, eggs, cream, and butter, this creamy, caramel-y creation can be topped off with sea salt for a finishing touch. It was top of the line, a pie I still think about.

The next order I will make will probably be the Premium Olive Oil Cake with Spiced Honey Glaze. I am always on the hunt to try things that perhaps might be a strange combination: olive oil and cake? But this cake is a success for a brand, and perfect for those who want something unique. Pair it with fresh fruit and tea or coffee. According to The Manila Baker, this is the go-to cake of any kind and any time of day.

To order, please visit @themanilabaker.

Milkrun Desserts

One of the very first places I ordered from during COVID-19, Milkrun Desserts is still going strong. The name of the game at Milkrun Desserts is the Tres Leches Cake and they offer five versions: the OG (as the name implies, a plain version), Ube, Espresso, Cereal Milk, and Calamansi & Coco. They also have a 3-cake sampler set if you can’t decide, which, fair. They’re all good. Treat yourself and try everything.

To order, please visit @milkrun_ph

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