How Cristina Corro Built A Trailblazing Luxury Hotel In Sipalay

Sugar cane farmer Cristina Corro uplifts the community by opening the first luxury resort in Sipalay, Negros Occidental. 

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s December 2023/January 2024 Issue.

In a world where dreams and determination can lead to incredible transformations, Cristina’s story is an example of how one woman’s journey from a sugar cane farmer to a resort owner can inspire us all. Her unwavering commitment to her dream and her remarkable entrepreneurial spirit have not only reshaped her own life but also created a haven for those seeking relaxation and tranquility. 

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Cristina’s journey began in the fertile fields of her family’s sugar cane farm. She grew up among the swaying stalks of sugar cane, learning the ropes of farming and hard work from an early age. Yet, even amidst the agricultural toil, Cristina had a dream that extended beyond the fields–she wanted to build a resort that would be an oasis of serenity, luxury, and calm. Her family owned a land in Sipalay, Negros Occidental. 

Cristina Corro
Cristina Corro

She shares, “It’s a beautiful place in the Philippines and deserves much needed spotlight and recognition. Infrastructure in terms of tourism roads have been built and the airport is being worked on so that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines will accredit it for bigger planes to land.” Her father has had the land in Sipalay since the 2000s and Cristina started to work on building the resort during the pandemic. 


Cristina’s path to realizing her dream was not without its hurdles. With determination and ambition, she decided to diversify her family’s income by exploring new opportunities. Instead of confining herself solely to sugar cane farming, she ventured into the hospitality industry. She did work as a banker as well for five years at HSBC but decided to move back to Bacolod, run their farming business, and raise her three children. 

Together with her architect, Antonio Legaspi, Cristina’s journey in the hospitality industry started by building the resort on her family’s property, located a few hours from the sugar cane fields that had been her childhood playground. With an innate sense of hospitality, she is looking into expanding Manami Resort to build more villas, while offering warm hospitality and a tranquil environment to her guests. 


As word of Cristina’s resort Manami spreads, she is in the process of building additional villas and enhancing the amenities to create a full-fledged resort experience. Her vision was to offer guests a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, surrounded by the lush greenery that had always been part of her world. 

She enthusiastically shares, “We couldn’t resist the magical allure of Sipalay and its breathtaking beaches in Negros. The locals have always cherished this paradise for its unparalleled beauty. We just knew deep in our hearts that such a special place deserved something extraordinary–a haven of luxury that would complement the natural wonders surrounding it.”

Cristina Corro paved the way for the very first luxury hotel in Sipalay, one that showcases the destination's stunning natural landscape
Cristina Corro paved the way for the very first luxury hotel in Sipalay, one that showcases the destination’s stunning natural landscape

Cristina elaborates, “So, creating the first luxury hotel in Sipalay was our way of expressing our love and admiration for this enchanting destination. We wanted to weave a tapestry of comfort and elegance, where every guest could experience the sheer bliss of being pampered in such a divine setting. It fills us with immense joy to know that we’re contributing to the happiness and memories of those who choose to share in this extraordinary experience with us at Manami Resort. The need for a resort of these characteristics in the area goes far beyond just providing luxury accommodations. It is a celebration of the Negrense culture, a way to connect with nature, foster meaningful connections, uplift communities, and share the region’s vibrant flair with the worldThe presence of Manami Resort truly enriches the lives of both locals and guests alike.” 

Manami resort is gaining popularity among travelers seeking a peaceful refuge in the lap of luxury,surrounded by nature. It offers a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and a close connection to the land.

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