Pru Life UK Honors Top Agents At The 2024 Prudence Ball

The Prudence Ball honored Pru Life UK’s top financial advisors, following their outstanding contributions to the company’s success, highlighting their hard work and dedication to protecting more Filipino families.

Being appreciated is significant in itself, but being appreciated for doing something you love makes it all the more fulfilling. That’s exactly the essence of the recently held Pru Life UK 2024 Prudence Ball. It’s a gathering where everyone feels connected and united in their mission to help Filipinos by providing them with financial protection and security through life insurance products. Pru Life UK empowers Filipinos to live with peace of mind, knowing they have a reliable financial partner supporting them.

An Evening of Appreciation

Since its establishment in 2015, the Prudence Ball has been the highlight of Pru Life UK’s annual recognition activities for its agency force.

This event honors the outstanding financial advisors of Pru Life UK who have played a crucial role in the company’s success by connecting with Filipinos and providing them with easy and accessible financial solutions.

Marylin Detalla-Averia, Senior Vice President and Chief Agency Officer, expressed, “The Prudence Ball represents our gratitude for our financial advisors’ hard work and dedication. Their contributions have been pivotal in maintaining Pru Life UK’s position as the top life insurer in the Philippines in terms of New Business Annual Premium Equivalent.”

She added, “Through this event, we aim to ignite inspiration and drive by recognizing and highlighting their remarkable accomplishments.”

Reflecting on the achievements of its over 42,000-strong agents, Averia shared, “I am very proud to be celebrating this prestigious event that we hold every year.”

When asked about inspiring their top agents and leaders to fulfill their commitments to customers, Averia highlighted Pru Life UK’s key initiatives and programs.

She emphasized the company’s continuous efforts to attract and grow young and talented individuals to join the business.

Averia stressed the vast opportunities for career and business growth within Pru Life UK, along with the opportunities to serve Filipino customers and secure their financial future.

Marylin Detalla-Averia, Pru Life UK’s Vice President and Chief Agency Officer

With the company’s advocacy to educate more customers on the value of financial education, it furthers its mission to be the most trusted partner for every life and protector for every future of Filipino families.

A Toast to Achievement

Among the awardees at the Prudence Ball were Iris Almerino as Rookie of the Year, Michelle Moreno as Agent of the Year, Chuck Crisostomo as Unit Manager of the Year, John Dominique Galang as Branch Manager of the Year, Janet Ramos as Area Manager of the Year, and Jonash Go as District Manager of the Year.

[L-R] Sanjay Chakrabarty, Pru Life UK President and CEO; Jonash Go, District Manager of the Year; John Dominique Galang, Branch Manager of the Year; Janet Ramos, Area Manager of the Year; Chuck Crisostomo, Unit Manager of the Year; Marylin Detalla–Averia, SVP & Chief Agency Officer and Allan Tumbaga, SVP & Chief Customer and Marketing Officer.
[L-R] Marylin Detalla–Averia, SVP & Chief Agency Officer; Iris Almerino, Rookie of the Year; Michelle Moreno, Agent of the Year; Sanjay Chakrabarty, Pru Life UK President and CEO

Averia shared, “I’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and I always attend these events. Every time I do, I hear inspiring stories from our achievers. Their stories of struggle and triumph always inspire me, knowing that our company is well-represented. Our agents and leaders are able to meet the needs of our customers.”

From what began as a significant thanksgiving event for Pru Life UK’s dedicated agents and leaders, over the years, has become a very meaningful tradition to all of Pru Life UK.

It has evolved into a reflection of the company’s culture, values, and endless possibilities for success.

In addition to the Prudence Ball, Pru Life UK equips its financial advisors with the necessary tools, support, and training. This is to offer innovative health and financial solutions to Filipinos.

The company also rewards top financial advisors with incentives like foreign group travel, cash
rewards. As well as gadgets for those who qualify for the President’s Club.

Furthermore, Pru Life UK will soon open its second PRUHouse office in Ayala North Exchange Tower 1 in Makati, while the first office in Exquadra Tower in Pasig has been operational for two years. PRUHouse has been built to provide a dynamic and inclusive workspace designed to empower its agents with an environment conducive to various activities in reaching out and catering to more customers and their needs.

Photos courtesy of Melody Santos.

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