Heart Evangelista Is The New Face Of A Singapore Mall

Heart Evangelista, the Philippines’ fashion sweetheart, is the latest global brand ambassador for Singapore’s upscale shopping mall.

Notice how Heart Evangelista keeps jetting off to Singapore lately? 

Well, we’ve finally uncovered the secret behind her frequent Singapore escapades.

Here it is, people! The fabulous Heart Evangelista, renowned fashionista extraordinaire, has been making Singapore her second home. 

She proudly takes on the role of the newest global brand ambassador for ION Orchard, Singapore’s new shopping paradise. 

That’s why she’s been clocking in those miles to the Lion City.

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Heart Evangelista posted this on Instagram with a caption: "A bally moment."
Heart Evangelista/Photo via Instagram @iamhearte

Chic Haven

ION Orchard, the Lion City’s top-tier shopping haven, chose her as their shining star and global brand ambassador.

You can catch a glimpse of her in a 30-second video released by the mall where she’s seen exploring the chic haven. 

In the video, she’s eyeing the latest luxuries from brands like Bulgari, Dior, Fendi, Loro Piana, and Tiffany – some of which she’s had the pleasure of collaborating with in the past.

ION Orchard couldn’t contain their excitement and shared the fantastic news on their Instagram: “When @iamhearte graces ION Orchard, you can expect high-fashion moments that’ll leave a mark.”

“So, join her as she unravels the freshest trends from @bulgari, @dior, @fendi, @loropiana, and @tiffanyandco this Fall Winter,” ION Orchard also added. 

The fashion queen is walking down the street.
Photo via Instagram @iamhearte

Shopping Paradise

With her exceptional taste and style, Evangelista has earned herself the prestigious title of ION Orchard’s global brand ambassador. Taking the mall’s fashion game to soaring heights.

The multi-talented artist, actress, influencer, and fashion queen Heart Evangelista recently lit up the streets of Italy during Milan Fashion Week. 

Heart poses in front of the camera.
Photo via Instagram @iamhearte

Talk about a global fashion sensation!

As Heart Evangelista continues to grace ION Orchard with her charismatic presence. We can only anticipate more high-fashion moments and exquisite style. 

It’s definitely a season of elegance and luxury for Evangelista, as the global brand ambassador, she elevates the fashion game at Singapore’s premier shopping destination. 

Heart Evangelista and ION Orchard are about to redefine luxury shopping in the Lion City!

Banner photo via Instagram @iamhearte.

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