A Visual Feast: Beautiful Coffee Table Books On Art and Photography

Indulge in a meaningful, visual feast with these beautiful coffee table books.

When selecting books and magazines for your coffee table or special reading nooks at home, you ultimately face hundreds of options. From eye-catching images in vibrant hues, minimal designs, and bold typography of well-known brands, the covers alone speak for its content. If you are an enthusiast for artwork and photography, the more your choice of coffee table books should be visually stunning. Besides, these reflect your taste and the subjects or themes that matter to you. We rounded up some of the latest coffee table books on art and photography that you should get right before the year ends.

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William Eggleston 414

Harmony Korine and Juergen Teller

In this clothbound book, Korine and Teller photographed their road trip from Memphis to Mississipi in 2010. Together with the great American photographer William Eggleston and his son, Winston, the four captured their spontaneous journey. From gas stations, abandoned trucks, hotel rooms, diners, to evangelical households, each photo took on Eggleston’s motifs—vibrant colors, simple compositions, strings of lights, and people on cars.

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The Sistine Chapel


As much as we would love to bask in the glory of masterpieces like Michelangelo’s greatest work all the time, we can only do so through a miniature replication. Callaway’s three-volume rendition of the Sistine Chapel allows us to appreciate close-up views of the work. The books have true-to-size excerpts of the famous ceiling, making it a special collectible.


Yukari Chikura

Artist Chikura’s mesmerizing photographs preserve the 1300-year-old Japanese ritual celebration, Zaido. The multi-village festivity gathers dwellers to perform a ritual dance every second day of the new year to induce good fortune. Chikura captures the beautiful masks and intricate costumes of Zaido together with the silvery backgrounds of snow and mist. The book, in itself, is the meaningful preservation of collective memory.

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Art =

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In celebration of the museum’s 150th anniversary, this book gathers the most-viewed works from the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art. 800 artworks come organized according to their themes and keywords. With this approach, one will discover surprising relationships and interactions among creations such as an ancient statue from Egypt and a Vermeer painting.

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Donna Ferrato

Photographed and made for over five decades, this book explores the fortitude of womanhood. Donna Ferrato, an internationally-acclaimed documentary photographer, captures the different fascinating and inspiring ways that women survive in this patriarchal world. From a mother getting imprisoned for defending her daughter against the abuse of the former’s boyfriend to an elderly woman standing proud amid the 1995 New York City Pride Parade, the coffee table book is a must-have for every home.

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