Comfort Is a Tap Away With This App

In one package, EastWest Pay offers you real-time access to your account, enhanced financial tracking, and heightened security

Following a tiring day, the thought of enjoying a meal with friends at a restaurant or treating yourself to your preferred takeout brings a feeling of comfort. However, the hassle of fumbling with cash or not carrying enough often adds unnecessary stress to the experience; we’ve all been there—waiting in lengthy lines, searching for the right bill to complete the transaction—yet, standing in queues, we never forget our mobile phones. 

EastWest Pay, EastWest bank’s new banking app that reshapes the way we handle transactions, is turning routine into a truly indulgent experience. The need for comfort naturally draws us to our cozy little bubbles, but if we truly seek a higher level of ease and convenience, we must step beyond our comfort zones and embrace innovation.

Thoughtfully designed

EastWest Pay transactions
EastWest Pay grants users the luxury of focusing on the moments that truly matter

Venturing beyond traditional banking methods ushers in a world of benefits, including a low-maintenance approach to spending. Thanks to EastWest Pay, managing our finances has become incredibly easy, needing only a few taps on our smartphones regardless of our location or the time.

Yet that’s not the extent of it—EastWest Pay goes the extra distance by presenting a range of thoughtfully crafted features. From thorough transaction histories to real-time access, the app enables us to stay informed and maintain a strong grasp on our finances. Using the app is equally straightforward, ensuring that even those less tech-savvy can enjoy its advantages. Every facet of EastWest Pay is meticulously structured, allowing us to focus on the moments that matter the most.

Tap to pay

EastWest Pay transactions
The app enables contactless transactions for a seamless experience

One of the conveniences offered by the mobile app is the ability to conduct transactions without physically presenting your Visa card. By simply tapping the “tap to pay” button and hovering your smartphone over the merchant’s point of sale (POS) terminal, the transaction is completed with ease. The required symbol on the POS terminal ensures successful activation, making the process smooth and stress-free.

In addition to seamless transactions, EastWest Pay offers a valuable feature that allows you to monitor your credit card activities. The app also allows you to temporarily lock your card if needed, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

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Robust security measures

EastWest Pay transactions
Biometric access with facial and fingerprint recognition enhances security

While security concerns are a natural consideration with virtual banking apps, a deeper examination of their workings reveals robust protective measures, encryption protocols, and multiple layers of authentication that safeguard our information and funds. EastWest Pay, in particular, takes the lead in ensuring safety and security through features like facial and fingerprint recognition. This approach eradicates the necessity for passcodes or PINs. The app also embraces tokenization, a method involving the replacement of credit card numbers with secure 16-digit tokens utilizing Visa’s encryption technology. This guarantees that confidential information like credit card numbers remain protected and is never transmitted when conducting in-store transactions with merchants.

This leap of faith into the digital realm not only grants us unparalleled convenience, but also instills a profound sense of empowerment and control over our financial lives. With EastWest Pay, we embark on a journey where indulgence meets practicality, and comfort joins forces with innovation.

Experience a new level of convenience and security like never before. Head to the Google Play store to download the EastWest Pay app.

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