Home Improvement: Décor Pieces From 2021 Design Trends And Where To Get Them

Sustainable, outspoken, green-conscious, and fun are just some of the design keywords for the year.

Surrounding ourselves with lovely design can manifest good energy and uplift our moods—something we definitely need as we soldier through this pandemic mostly from the comfort of our homes. Here are some pieces based on 2021 home design trends that bring a positive vibe into any dwelling.

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Touch of playfulness

A touch of humor can go a long way when dealing with a global crisis. Objects that evoke youthful energy are enough to remind us to smile and relax from time to time. One such example is the lovely wooden dolls of Alexander Girard. Each figure carries delightful color combinations and patterns that we wouldn’t get tired to look at. We suggest checking out Kelly Wearstler‘s iconic Classic Legs accessory as well.

Glamorous accents

In these tumultuous times, it is perfectly acceptable to allow ourselves to escape at home by way of indulgent design. Feel pampered in your home with exquisite decor like the eye-catching mirrors of My Happy Home. The metallic accents, lavish materials, and the incredible skill exerted on crafting each one make it all the more special.

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Sustainable and handcrafted

With the increasing drastic changes in the environment, many are beginning the switch to smarter and greener lifestyles. That’s why we are witnessing the rise of local stores carrying sustainable products. Unique handmade pieces like the macramé home decor of Frankie and Friends are gaining traction not only for its dainty look but for the ethical practices behind its production. After all, we still want a human touch to our home—be it handsewn, handpainted, or handcrafted.

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Going borderless

While travel remains limited in the pandemic, bring in global influences to your home. These can be actual pieces brought from your favorite international destination or ones that are inspired by the defining interior style of one’s culture. Jonathan Adler‘s Kyoto Table Lamp is exquisite, contemporary, and recalls elements of nature common to Japanese home design.

Great outdoors

It is almost a year into the plant parent trend, but it looks like it will stay for longer as more people become environment-conscious. Caring for plants, whether indoor or outdoor, has been occupying our past time and in fact, has been integrated into our routine. Be it in your garden or inside the house, spruce things up with pieces like the Lotus and Ridge Stools of Philux. The lovely green and yellow shades and shape add a delightful and modern feel.

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