4 Must-Visit Destinations For Beauty Enthusiasts

Traveling across the globe has captivated tourists in different ways. It could be about the beauty of a country, the culture and art in the city, or the potential gastronomic adventure that awaits visitors. However, there are also must-visit destinations for beauty enthusiasts! 

If you are in search for innovative and high quality cosmetic and fashion items aside from your home country, look no further. We’ve rounded up countries where cutting-edge innovations and prime cultural products in the industry exist.

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Japan’s cultural fashion and cosmetics market

The International Trade Administration said Japan boasts over 3,000 beauty companies including sought-after brands like Shiseido, Kao, Kosé, among others. 

Anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, and sun protection lead their beauty market and their consumers lean towards natural and organic beauty trends. A LinkedIn post from data analyst and marketer Abhinandan Kumar said Japan’s cosmetic scene benefits from technological innovations through smart skincare devices and augmented reality (AR) makeup try-ons. They are also at the brink of exploring skincare and makeup suitable for males.

Japan’s Harajuku is one of the must-visit destinations for beauty enthusiasts in the country due to its inclination towards fashion and beauty. It is where the oldest wooden station building stands but in 2020, more shops and boutiques populated the area. Its events, cuisine, and shopping scene made it “A New Stage in Tokyo for Global Culture and Creation.” It is known as the epicenter of anime and kawaii (cute) culture as more teenagers and young adults became fashion conscious. There are also shops selling expensive yet more affordable designer bags in the Harajuku vicinity.

An influencer’s guide in shopping in Harajuku.

Shibuya is also a worthy place to visit in Japan as it is the country’s shopping district and the center of Tokyo’s culture. It comprises eclectic, high end, luxury, and bizarre shops for fashion, food, music, to name a few.

Japanese influencers are responsible for the following beauty trends, too: akanuke or clean makeup, creating a western nose illusion through highlighters, kira kira (sparkly) eyes, and more.

Korea’s K-beauty phenomenon

Including Korea in your must-visit destinations for beauty enthusiasts list is a wise choice as it is a country known for its expansive cosmetic market. It is one of the top countries that export cosmetic products according to the International Trade Administration’s website

Koreans developed unexpected yet progressive products like snail slime or flower essence skin care rituals. People’s exposure to hallyu or Korean entertainment has also formed the demand for cosmetics that result in a porcelain or glass skin aesthetic. These are only a few reasons why Korea has been such a beauty powerhouse.

One of the most innovative experiences in Korea is its color analysis services. A lot of foreigners watched Korean series and movies which discussed personal colors a lot during the pandemic. Even South Korean politician Lee Jae-Myung had his tones analyzed, too. These circumstances led to the rise of the K-beauty trend. The Korean Tourism Organization is utilizing this innovation to promote the country and boost tourist visits

Analysis studios are spread out across South Korea, where they will analyze one’s skin color, body type, and more and check which palettes are flattering for you. Sessions encompass cosmetics like foundation or lip shades, and outfit palettes. Tourists can get their color analysis with studios like Seoul Ocollor or ColozArt, Nouvelle Image, Dustmoth Stography, and more.

This video elaborates what happens in a color analysis appointment.

Enjoy a Parisian shopping experience

What better way to travel for beauty than to one of the world’s most enchanting countries? France’s melting pot of options for beauty gurus cater to diverse preferences and needs, especially in its capital, Paris

Tourists will find makeup shops providing immersive cosmetic experiences and personalized beauty services with expert advice. Multi-brand shop buildings showcase varying kinds of products worldwide. Luxury brands cater to Parisians and vacationers as well as their high end boutiques occupy the city. The city boasts specialized shops for men and perfumeries and aromatherapy for the fragrance lovers as well.

Concept stores like Oh My Cream, Naturalia, and Mademoiselle Bio focus on clean beauty and organic products (food and cosmetics). The former described clean beauty as “utilizing positively ecological products” and “natural ingredients and plant-based active ingredients.” Beauty enthusiasts may shop without worrying about the brands’ commitment to caring for skin the right way, as well as being mindful about the environment.

A popular makeup trend in Paris is the “French girl” look, where women apply red lipstick in different styles. French makeup artist Violette Serrat revealed there are numerous ways to wear lipstick. The most notable is the bouche mordue (bitten lips) where she blurred the edges of her lips with her fingers to create a “more lived in, bitten look.”

Violette Serrat shows the classic French girl look.

The city of love and lights is a must-visit destination for beauty enthusiasts with available fashionable essentials wherever you go.

Morocco’s contributions to beauty

North African country Morocco is not only known for its beautiful sunset and spices. It is also a known provider of natural ingredients for beauty products like argan oil which comes from the argan tree, native to the country. More examples include essential oils, ghassoul or rhassoul clay used for hammam, a hammam experience, and Aker Fassi or traditional lipstick, among others.

A traditional Moroccan hammam is a traditional ritual bath that people can do alone or with friends and family to cleanse themselves. Major Moroccan cities are where luxurious spa-like baths stand and people can get a full-on pampering. 

People can utilize ghassoul or rhassoul, also known as Moroccan red clay, in their hammam experience. It comes from an Arabic word which means “to wash.” People use the native Moroccan ingredient on the skin and the hair. It contains magnesium which combats acne and natural silica which exfoliates skin and give hair a glossy sheen.

Meanwhile, the country’s traditional lipstick called Aker Fassi is made from poppy leaves and dried pomegranate peel. One needs to moisten a makeup brush or a finger to apply the lipstick. Berber women use the traditional lipstick and can be used as a blush. It comes in the form of a miniature clay pot.

How to use Morocco’s traditional lipstick or “Aker Fassi.”

Banner photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels.

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