Despite Allegations: Johnny Depp Fans Are Thanking Dior for Keeping Him as Its Fragrance Ambassador - The Scene

Due to assault allegations, the French house received criticism for keeping Depp on board. Now, during his ongoing defamation trial, the public is using the hashtag #ThankYouDior.

In 2018, Amber Heard wrote a Washington Post op-ed identifying herself as a domestic abuse survivor from her relationship with ex-husband Johnny Depp. Although she did not explicitly name Depp in the piece, it was speculated that the Oscar-nominee was Heard’s perpetrator. 

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The 36-year-old actress filed for divorce two years before the article’s release, alleging that Depp physically abused her. Heard also obtained a temporary restraining order against Depp upon filing the separation papers. 

Lost vitality

As a result, Depp has been fired from several acting jobs—including his award-winning role as Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean saga and Warner Bros’ Harry Potter, spin-off film series Fantastic Beasts.

However, the 58-year-old actor denied the allegations and sued Heard for $50 million under defamation (Heard is countersuing for $100 million).

During this time, Depp was shunned by Hollywood executives and its prominent studios; one brand kept him as their spokesperson: Dior.

In 2020, a High Court judge accepted Heard’s assault claims, resulting in Depp losing the libel case. 

Under fire

Because of this, the French house was under fire for having a “wife-beater” represent their best-selling fragrance, the Sauvage aftershave. Depp has been the face of Sauvage since 2015. 

“It’s extremely disappointing and irresponsible of Dior—especially when we are looking at a situation that isn’t just an allegation anymore,” domestic abuse lawyer Rachel Horman-Brown told the Daily Mail in 2020. 

“The decision was made that Depp was abusive towards his partner and could be called a wife-beater, yet Dior continues to use his advert. It is almost condoning abuse and violence against women.”

Although Dior’s parent company, luxury conglomerate LVMH, didn’t release comments on their choice to keep Depp on board, it could be due to the father of two’s constant relevance in the media—for better or worse. 

Despite the allegations, Depp still maintained a supportive fanbase. It was reported that even after the libel case ruling, Sauvage’s sales increased by almost 25 percent following a promotional social media post from Depp’s accounts.

Shifting perspectives

But things are turning around. While Heard and Depp’s defamation trial is currently ongoing, the public’s perception of the actor has flipped. 

More than five years since their breakup, Depp’s lawyers argued that Heard ruined his reputation by “choosing to lie about him for her own personal benefit.” The lawyers also added that Herd’s op-ed is all part of an “elaborate hoax.”

On Monday, during Depp’s three and a half days testimony, he played a recording of Heard saying, “Tell them, I, Johnny Depp, I’m a victim of domestic abuse…and see how many people believe or side with you.”

Now, while the public follows the trial held in Virginia, some social media users are showing sympathy for the actor. Some are even appreciating Dior for keeping him as their ambassador with the hashtag #ThankYouDior. 

“Just seen the new @Dior clip with #JohnnyDepp and I just wanted to say a huge #thankyoudior for standing by Johnny and not believing what the media is trying to push down our throats, but believing the evidence. You have chosen the right path. Thank you,” on fan tweeted about the video campaign.

Another Twitter user wrote, “We won’t forget that Dior supported Johnny Depp in this difficult situation while Disney and Warner Bros. fired him.” 

Depp and Heard’s trial is currently ongoing. 

Banner image from @johnnydeppsjawline on Instagram.

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