Event Highlight: A Botong Francisco Piece Got a P23M Opening Bid, Setting a Record - Arts & Culture

See how much you’d have to shell out for pieces by Philippine National Artists.

Leon Gallery, helmed by its founder and director Jaime Ponce de Leon, held its “Spectacular Mid-Year Auction” last June 11. During the weekend of Independence Day and the announcement of eight new National Artists, the afternoon made records in the Philippines art world. 

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Botong Francisco’s Moriones Festival (1966)

The event’s highlights include Carlos V. Francisco’s (Botong Francisco) Moriones Festival (1966) painting that sold for P35,040,000. De Leon told ANCx that it’s the third-highest painting sold for a Botong piece at auction. 

Victorio EdadesPoinsettia Girl

With a one-go bid of P23 million, the Victorio Edades’ painting Poinsettia Girl set a record for Filipino National artists. 

Leon Auctions is one of publication Blouin Art’s 250 Best Auction Houses Worldwide. Here are ten other pieces by Jose Joya, Fernando Amorsolo, Arturo Luz, and Juvenal Sanso sold in the concluded mid-year art auction. 

Clout Burst by Jose Joya

Sold for: P5,139,200

Lady in Red (Portrait of Mable Reese Robertson) by Fernando Amorsolo

Sold for: P1,168,000

Tryst 83 by Lao Lianben

Sold for: P8,176,000

Mont-Saint-Michel by Oscar Zalameda

Sold for: P1,051,200

Sacred Mountain by Arturo Luz

Sold for: P2,569,600

Flourishing Growth by Ramon Orlina

Sold for: P1,518,400

Dark Plant by Ang Kiukok

Sold for: P1,600,000

Still Life with Rose and Apples by Frederico Aguilar Alcuaz

Sold for: P1,868,800

Dusk Flower by Juvenal Sanso

Sold for: P1,985,600

Different Tunes by Emmanuel Garibay

Sold for: P1,635,200

Images from leon-gallery.com

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