Flavors Of The Orient: Chinese Tradition And Innovation Meet 

Chef Jereme Leung integrates Cantonese culinary traditions with epicurean ingenuity to create dishes that present a symphony of flavors.  

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s September 2023 Issue.

China Blue welcomed back world-renowned celebrity chef Jereme Leung for Conrad Manila’s Legendary Chef Series.

Chef Jereme Leung, a culinary visionary known for China Blue by Jereme Leung at Conrad Manila, presented an extraordinary set menu called “Flavors of the Orient” which was meticulously crafted to captivate even the most discerning palates. The symphony of flavors featured Leung’s expertise in combining Cantonese culinary traditions and gastronomic innovation – a feat he has mastered from age 13 when he began his culinary career in Hong Kong.

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Jereme Leung with Conrad Manila Executive Chinese Chef Eng Yew Khor
Jereme Leung with Conrad Manila Executive Chinese Chef Eng Yew Khor


Leung was the Chinese Executive Chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hotels in Surabaya.

and Jakarta, Indonesia. As part of the pre-opening team, he led the Chinese kitchen team at the Excelsior in Hong Kong as well as the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was also the Chinese Executive Chef at the six-star Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore. In 2000, he joined the ranks of culinary superstars like Charlie Trotter, Paul Bocuse, Wolfgang Puck, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten when the Star Diamond Award was conferred upon him by the American Academy of Hospitality Science, naming him one of the “World’s Best Chefs.” He was awarded the same honor again in 2008.

In 2001 at Singapore’s World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence, he was presented with the inaugural Rising Chef of the Year award.

Marinated Lobster with Coriander Lime Jelly Dressing served at China Blue, Conrad Manila
Marinated Lobster with Coriander Lime Jelly Dressing

In 2007, renowned culinary academy At-Sunrice conferred upon him the Global Chef Award. In 2008, he was named “International Famous Master Chef for Chinese Cuisines” and “The International Judge of Chinese Cooking Competition” by the World Association of Chinese Cuisines, Beijing, China. He established Jereme Leung Concepts in 2006, a company that had became renowned in the Asian market collaborating with well known international hospitality companies in creating and managing many successful Chinese/ Asian dining concepts. 

Slow-cooked Boneless Beef Short Ribs at China Blue, Conrad Manila
Slow-cooked Boneless Beef Short Ribs

He is instrumental in creating the cuisine concepts for acclaimed restaurants in notable hotels such as Yen at W Taipei, YanYu at W Guangzhou, D’ Café and Grand Dragon at The Dragon Hotel Hangzhou, Zen5se at Westin Beijing, Jin Yao Xuan at Sofitel Chongqing. In 2014, he created Ufaa by Jereme Leung, the first Chinese restaurant in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. In 2015, Leung became the first celebrity Chinese chef consultant for a five star establishment in the USA when he was the consultant to Le Chine, the Chinese restaurant at the legendary Waldorf Astoria New York. The second restaurant named after him, China Blue by Jereme Leung opened in Conrad Manila in 2016.

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Photos courtesy of Conrad Manila.

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