What Romance Films Taught Us About Love

Whether or not it is instantaneous, patient and kind, or unpredictable, these romance films show different manifestations of love.

February is here, the season of love. Romance will be everywhere and may come in different forms, may it be towards a significant other, friends, or family members. What better way to immerse in this occasion than to rewatch our favorite romance films?

These movies are more than just memorable quotes that fictional characters tell each other for a dramatic flair. These can be applied in our own lives as we all traverse our individual affairs. 

Here are a few lessons we learned about love in popular romance films.

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Follow your heart – Letters to Juliet

How many chances did you miss until you realized you should have seized the opportunity? Letters to Juliet sends a message to those who have loved, lost, and given up so easily. The movie depicted the pitfalls of the question “what if,” and how it has the power to haunt people forever. 

Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) waited 50 years to find the love of her life, Lorenzo (Franco Nero). Their paths separated just before they planned to elope together as fear creeped into Claire’s mind. She sent a letter to a group called “Secretaries of Juliet,” which operated in Verona, Italy. Aspiring writer Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) finds the letter when she joins the group during her Italy trip with her fiance, Victor (Gael García Bernal) and wrote back to Claire. She and her grandson Charlie went back to Verona upon receiving a reply from Sophie and embarked on an adventure to find Lorenzo. 

The letter indicated that if what Claire felt back then was true, it may still feel real at the present. If people relate to Letters To Juliet, the lesson behind the story is this: take the risk or lose the chance. This is one of the romance films out there encouraging people to have the courage to follow one’s heart.

Amanda Seyfried and Christopher Egan play Sophie and Charlie, who seized the opportunity to fall in love the moment the feeling sank in.
Amanda Seyfried and Christopher Egan play Sophie and Charlie, who seized the opportunity to fall in love the moment the feeling sank in. /Photo from IMDb

Spontaneous love exists – Wedding Daze

For those who are fans of a whirlwind romance, Wedding Daze just might be your cup of tea. Don’t be fooled by the movie’s chaotic plot, because Katie and Anderson’s love story has something important to impart.

Anderson (Jason Biggs) proposed to his girlfriend Vanessa (Audra Blaser) but she dies immediately after the question. He was devastated and ready to swear off romance, but his friend Ted (Michael Weston) convinced him to give love one more try. He met Katie (Isla Fisher) at a diner, spontaneously asked her to marry him, and to his surprise, she agreed. They met each other’s families, had a few ups and downs, and ended abruptly due to arguments about Vanessa. Ultimately, they married each other upon realizing love can be instantaneous and all-encompassing the best and worst parts of each other.

Most people may not agree with the notion that love can be formed in an instant. In fact, connections that endure the test of time require taking things slow. However, an immediate bond shouldn’t be invalidated, as sometimes, the people we meet in short periods may value us more than we realize. Love is love, no matter how long it takes us to perceive it.

Isla Fisher and Jason Biggs play the spontaneous couple, Katie and Anderson
Isla Fisher and Jason Biggs play the spontaneous couple, Katie and Anderson/ Photo from IMDb

Love is miraculous – A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember told the story of how love really took its time, came at the worst possible moment, but remained nonetheless. 

Landon (Shane West) was the typical troublemaker in highschool. He was rebellious and had no care in the world until he met Jamie (Mandy Moore). His mischievous antics with his friends led him to participate in the drama club’s spring musical, where he got to know her. Their friendship started with a lot of misunderstandings until they grew on each other, eventually falling in love. Jamie revealed eventually that she was dying to which Landon retaliated. Despite that, he fulfilled all her wishes, married her, and became a better person with a renewed and strengthened faith. Jamie’s father told Landon four years later that he was the “miracle” that she prayed for.

People understandably have moments of indiscretion due to immaturity or even trauma. The movie confirmed that people change for the better, and sometimes, something or someone inspires them. Love makes miracles when it restores kindness, faith, and forgiveness in a person, and that is beautiful.

Loving despite and in spite of – The Notebook 

Young people hold so much passion when they fall in love. This became the case for Noah and Ally of The Notebook, who loved each other fiercely, but had to overcome a series of misfortunes. 

Noah (Ryan Gosling) fell in love with Allie (Rachel McAdams) when he saw her at a carnival and ignited an intense, passionate love. Her parents separated her from him as they disapproved of their relationship. Years later, Allie got engaged to another man and Noah restored a house that he once told her about when they were together. She saw the house in the newspaper, rushed to see Noah, and spent time together until reality hit them hard. Allie had to leave to marry another man until Noah challenged her, asking her what she wanted. He expressed he loved her despite driving each other crazy. Eventually, Allie came back to Noah. Years later, Allie suffered from dementia and Noah spent his remaining days making her remember their story. They died in each other’s arms.

The Notebook is one of varying idyllic romantic films that teaches us to love “despite and in spite of.” No matter how many arguments or hurtful situations we find ourselves in with our partners, love prevails when it’s proven to be true.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook,” one of the most watched romance films of all time.
Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook,” one of the most watched romance films of all time. /Photo from IMDb

Celebrate love in all forms – Happiest Season

If there’s anything we learned from love, it’s that it should be celebrated, no matter who is on both ends of it. Happiest Season lets us into different facets of love – for the self, acceptance, and familial love.

The movie depicted Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper’s (Mackenzie Davis) lesbian relationship. They planned spending Christmas with Harper’s family, but the problem is, Harper hasn’t come out to her family regarding her sexuality. She asked Abby to pretend as her straight roommate. Aside from this, the movie navigated Harper’s past, her family’s secrets, and how acceptance easily comes when unconditional love exists. A year later, forgiveness reigns, Abby joins Harper’s family for the holidays, and all is well.

Real love is and should be unrestricted. You’ll know it’s true when they support you with whatever you do and whoever you’re with. They accept who you are wholeheartedly, no questions asked and without judgements. 

Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in Happiest Seasons, one of the romance films encouraging to celebrate all forms of love/Photo from IMDb.

Banner photo from IMDb.

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