Anna Delvey And Kelly Cutrone Collaborate For A Fashion Show

The new-found duo is taking the fashion industry by storm by establishing a pop-up agency to host a fashion show.

From being a media sensation because of her scheming ways, Anna Delvey made headlines again because of her latest New York Fashion Week stunt. After the Netflix show about her life was released— Inventing Anna. The famed con artist followed up on the show’s success and partnered with the legendary American publicist Kelly Cutrone.

Back stage with Anna Delvey / Photo via Instagram @shaonewyork

The new-found duo established OutLaw Agency, a pop-up agency that hosted Shao Yang’s debut in the NYFW scene. The partnership created a stir, but the fashion show was well-received by the public. With the current online commentaries and discussions about how NYFW was taken over by influencers—the show stayed true to the exclusive nature of fashion shows.

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Unconventional Execution

Fashion shows, in order to fully tell the design story, need an accompanying venue to complement the designer’s concept. However, in this case, Yang’s debut show was held in Delvey’s East Village apartment building. The is due to legal impediments that led to her being on house arrest. 

delvey, yang, cutrone
Anna Delvey, Shao Yang, and Kelly Cutrone/ Photo via Instagram @shaonewyork

According to reports, the models had to have their make-up and hair done in a separate place due to the size or lack thereof of the apartment. Furthermore, the show was started by a slew of models coming out of a party bus. Then climbing up six flights of stairs to the rooftop of the apartment building. The models crammed the hallways of the residential building when they were waiting for their turn to walk. Though unconventional, a lot of fashion followers applauded the show. Its guerilla-like fashion exhibit on the streets of New York City was well-received.

Models on the rooftop/ Photo by Oliver Halfin via Instagram @shaonewyork

The show was entitled “Danger Zone” where the Parsons graduate Yang showed her expert tailoring and fabric manipulation. Only a few guests—mainly celebrities and media personalities witnessed the show. The lack of a heavy crowd was considered a breather during the fashion week. Furthermore, the show signified the start of an era. ”We have to take success into our own hands. We can’t just wait around for someone else to do it for us, and that’s what that show is about,” Cutrone explained.

Banner photo via Instagram @shaonewyork.

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