Grass Is Greener: Top 7 Countries Where Filipinos Can Migrate - Trending

Keeping your options open? Here’s a list of alternatives where you can settle down.

Filipinos can have any number of reasons for looking elsewhere.

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The Philippines’ extensive migration history, in fact, dates back to the 14th century. Today, the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) estimates 10.2 million Filipino nationals living abroad in more than 200 destination countries and territories.

Whether your motivations are political or economic, or both, there are plenty of countries to choose from to ride out the circumstances.

Here are seven of the most popular destination countries where Filipinos decide to migrate, usually due to convenience or opportunities.


The Filipino community in Australia enjoys advantages like quality and accessible health care, higher education, social security, indefinite stays, and citizenship.

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Canada is second only to the United States in terms of Filipino emigrants. This is attributed to the country’s immigration laws considered one of the most relaxed in the world.

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There are many working options in Germany, with providers more than willing to assist one throughout the employment process. Moreover, learning German opens more doors such as pursuing studies in the country.

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Aside from Japan being relatively nearby, Filipinos can look forward to the country’s higher quality of life and wages.

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New Zealand

New Zealand invites new residents with the promise of work-life balance, key industries in demand of labor, and general peace and security.

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Spain ranks highly worldwide for having one of the most World Heritage Cities and natural spaces declared to be Biosphere Reserves. It is also the country with the most Blue Flag beaches in the northern hemisphere.

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United States

Over half (60%) of the total number of Filipino emigrants are United States-bound, based on data obtained by the CFO since 1981. “This may be due to the popular notion in the 20th century that international migration meant moving to the United States and its Pacific territories,” according to the commission.

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