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A better diet isn’t just about what you’re removing but also about what you’re adding.

Many take the first months of the year to kickstart better habits. While the pandemic reminded us that our health is never to neglect, you might be looking for extra motivation. A great way to add wellness to your life is incorporating more positive influences in things you already do.

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If you find yourself scrolling through TikTok regularly, you can consider following these accounts dedicated to living life healthily—but with a realistic approach. Here are four Filipino fitness Tiktok creators who veer away from toxic diet culture and show how to get fit without sacrificing the foods you love while upping your mental health.

Misha Bernardino (@mishthefishh)

The Perigon cycling instructor creates content on home workouts, healthy takeout recommendations, and helps set more realistic fitness goals for her followers. In one TikTok, she talks about “ab cracks.” It is often an aesthetic ideal for women who want abs; it’s a firm line in the middle of your core defined with enough muscle (and low enough body fat).

@mishthefishh Let’s talk about: AB CRACKS #TikTokSkwela #SummerShred #StartStrongWithTikTok #likeafilipina #TrainLikeAFilipina #fyp #abs ♬ original sound – spicysalmon

However, no matter how hard you train and clean you eat, it won’t be as visible if you don’t have genetics. So instead of looking to other people’s bodies for your dream fitness results, Bernardino says your physical, mental, and overall wellbeing should focus on improving your balancing skills and overall strength.

@mishthefishh VEGAN TAKEOUT IN MANILA: WORTH IT?? #fyp #vegan #foodieph #plantbasedrecipes #foryoupage #healthtok #tiktokskwela ♬ original sound – spicysalmon

Anne Aniag (@fitmomprojectph)

Anaig is a fitness coach at fitness app Rebel. The health buff uses her platform to relay positive messaging against diet culture. While many fad diets instruct you to cut out carbs, sugar, or fats completely–the 36-year-old takes a different approach.

@fitmomprojectph WARNING: ITS GONNA BE CHALLENGING! #tiktokfitph #tiktoknamamaskopo #tiktoktree #finishstrongwithtiktok #christmascaroling #12daysofgoodnews #fitfamph ♬ LALISA – 리사 (LISA)

Instead of being overly restrictive, she advises over 400,000 followers to have more instead of less. By more, she means plenty of the good stuff: more fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grains, water, and sleep.

@fitmomprojectph LET’S CRUSH IT THIS 2022! TARA! START TAYO! #finishstrongwithtiktok #tiktoktree #tiktoknamamaskopo #christmaswatchlist #christmascaroling #diettips ♬ TITLE x JINGLE BELL ROCK CHRISTMAS DANCE MASHUP – Michael Napiza

Dan Bathan (@danbathanfitness)

Since lifting can get technical, given proper form is essential to targeting the desired muscle and avoiding injuries, Bathan provides content on sharing tips.

@danbathanfitness Halata yung inis ko sa basketball! 😂 #fitness #workout #deadlift ♬ Y’all Can’t Hang – Pandaraps & Gregory David

At the same time, if you’re into bodybuilding, he also shares his own progress by posting his personal record lifts, physique checks, reviews on supplements, and building a home gym. 

@danbathanfitness 4 TIPS TO HELP YOU ON YOUR FIRST PULL UP! 🔥 #fyp #fitness #workout #workoutwithme #pullup ♬ Papi Chulo – Octavian & Skepta

Kathy Amurao-Herrera (@kathyamuraoherrera)

The yoga teacher and wellness speaker reminds her almost 254,000 followers that spiritual and mental wellbeing is as important as physical health.

@kathyamuraoherrera Guided Meditation✨ #foryou #fyp #yoga #yogawithKathy #fitfamph #tiktokfitph #tiktoksportsph #movelikeafilipina #breathe #tiktokwellness ♬ original sound – Skye

Through sharing guided meditations, yoga practices, mobility exercises, and equipment-free workouts, Amurao-Herrera shows the different ways we can holistically take care of ourselves. 

Banner photo from @danbathanfitness on Instagram.

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