4 Top Massage Chairs To Craft The Ultimate Space For Relaxation

We list down some of the very best massage chairs in the market today for those seeking a powerful new addition to their relaxation spaces. 

Everyone needs that sacred, peaceful space in the home that’s meant for nothing but recreation and relaxation. Besides the usual fare of comfy chairs, hobby items, gadgets, and decorative pieces that incite joy, a premium massage chair can be a luxe addition to one’s special enclave. The chairs in themselves make quite the statement with their sleek lines, imposing presence, and futuristic designs. 

Yet it’s what they offer that can really change the landscape of a space: top tier physical therapy right from the comfort of one’s home. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of indulging in a massage after a long day of work or errands, and even when one is simply binge watching the latest show. 

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The best massage chairs in the market feature a plethora of settings and built-in programs that soothe the body each and every time one sits down. If you’re in the lookout for a high-powered, robust, and well-designed chair, below are four models that are the crème de la crème of the market:

Zion: Executive Pro

Zion’s Executive Pro boasts volcanic heat therapy that mimics a quality hot stone massage to relieve tension, as well as an advanced body scanner to determine the best settings for a bespoke therapy session. The chair’s Airbag Compression massage also helps promote better blood circulation as it targets specific parts of the body like the arms, legs, and shoulders. 

The Zion Executive Pro massage chair
The Zion Executive Pro massage chair/Photo from the Zion Philippines website

Meanwhile, customizable programs offer users a wide range of massage techniques (kneading, rolling, tapping, and shiatsu), intensities, and durations. These all work in tandem with a thoughtful design that adapts to the body’s natural curves to reduce muscle strain, an adjustable headrest to provide further support, and a Zero Gravity Recline that keeps the body in a neutral position to prevent spine pressure. 

Heart Evangelista with the Zion Executive Pro
Heart Evangelista with the Zion Executive Pro/Photo from the Zion Philippines website

This doesn’t even cover the other simple yet useful features that complete the entire massage experience, including built-in speakers that let users listen to their choice of audio content or songs while they decompress. Wireless charging support also helps users keep their favorite gadgets within reach and fully powered. 

Ogawa: Master Drive AI Genuine Leather

Ogawa has worked closely with television host James Deakin to create its Master Drive AI Genuine Leather. From appearances alone, the sleek chair looks distinguished and polished, making it an ideal addition to any man cave. Its black, genuine leather upholstery also adds a luxurious touch reminiscent of the seats on a sports car (a homage to Deakin’s career and interests in fine automobiles). 

The chair goes beyond its good looks though, offering one-of-a-kind Master Drive AI 2.0 technology that transforms it into a personal health assistant. Perks of this software include voice command control, as well as an intelligent health tracker and scanner that analyzes its user’s physical health and needs to provide the best combination of massage solutions. A built-in face scanner allows various users to access their personalized profiles in an instant, while 4D Thermo Rollers provide heated massages with the sensitive touch of a human hand. 

James Deakin on the Ogawa Master Drive AI Genuine Leather
James Deakin on the Ogawa Master Drive AI Genuine Leather/Photo from the Ogawa website

AI precision sensors and dedicated M.6 Gen Microprocessors provide higher accuracy and faster speeds that culminate into the perfect relaxation session. Six massage techniques include Swedish, shiatsu, clapping, tuina, tapping, and kneading, offering a comprehensive selection for the most discerning massage veterans. 

OSIM: uDream Well-being Chair

The OSIM uDream Well-being Chair is truly a dream that lives up to its name. In fact, it’s more of a multisensory experience than a regular massage chair. Besides sporting an eye-catching, contemporary design, it also measures body tension with its Biosensors, monitoring trends and changes over time for maximum customization. 

The highlight of the chair is its “5 Senses Well-being Experience,” which includes mood lighting for users to set their ideal ambiance, 3D Surround Sound speakers for an immersive audio experience, built-in DreamScent aroma pods in varying scents for aromatherapy during massage sessions, and of course, advance massage technologies for maximum relief. 

The uDream Well-being Chair’s Aromatherapy feature in action
The uDream Well-being Chair’s Aromatherapy feature in action/Photo from the OSIM Philippines website

Part of the uDream Well-being’s charm is OSIM’s signature massage settings, ones that can only be found in the company’s products. These are the patented “v-HAND pro-massage,” “Power Hips Massage,” and “4-hand Pro Massage.” Then there are more programs that employ massages for the head and neck, neck and shoulders, lumbar, butt and thighs, and even deep tissue. 

Inada: Flex 3S

Finally, there’s the Inada Flex 3S, a unique massage chair that focuses on expertly stretching the body to relieve tension and improve posture. This makes sense, considering that Japan, the brand’s country of origin, has always been a leading expert in reflexology. The Flex 3S is the first chair to incorporate a mix of therapeutic stretching movements with traditional Japanese shiatsu massage techniques, which Inada built with the trusted insights of sports stretching expert Tadashi Kaneko. 

The Inada Flex 3S
The Inada Flex 3S/Photo from the Inada website

The chair has 11 programs that users can choose from, such as “Stretch All,” “Full Body & Stretch,” “Full Body and Low Body.” Each stretching session helps promote proper blood circulation and the spine’s natural curves, a lifesaver for those who work at the desk for many hours and grapple with chronic back pain. Airbags in different parts of the Flex 3S also help soothe various parts of the body like the pelvis, deep lower back, and shoulder blades with special Japanese techniques. 

How the Inada Flex 3S works to promote better posture and blood flow, as well as relieve tension through stretching programs
How the Inada Flex 3S works to promote better posture and blood flow, as well as relieve tension through stretching programs/Photo from the Inada website

Of course, like any great massage chair, it also comes with optional heating and a selection of regular massage techniques besides its stretching programs. One could say that the Flex 3S has got your back—literally and figuratively. 

The Inada Flex 3S in black
The Inada Flex 3S in black/Photo from the Inada website

Banner photo from the OSIM Philippines website.

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