5 State-Of-The-Art Gadgets For The Special Man In Your Life

There’s a practical, sleek, and powerful gadget for every man, whether they’re coffee lovers or audiophiles; here are some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can get for that special guy in your life. 

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and it seems like there’s a gadget for every need in this modern era. That’s why they make for the perfect gifts, especially for the men in your life who need a little boost of power in their daily routines and hobbies. Handmade items and analog gifts are all wonderful in their own way, but there’s something particularly special about a thoughtful gadget that suits someone’s needs to a T. Plus, your special guy is likely going to use the tech item for years to come. 

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Not quite sure where to start? Here are five amazing gadgets that are sure to wow your giftee thanks to their sleek designs, powerful performance, and advanced features:

Leica SL2-S: For the Man Who Loves Capturing Great Moments

If the guy in your life has an affinity for photography, then gifting him with a Leica camera is sure to bring a smile to his face. The German brand has become a household name in the world of photography, manufacturing incredibly high-end analog and digital cameras for both personal and professional use. 

The Leica SL2-S
The Leica SL2-S/Photo from the Leica Store Manila website

The Leica SL2-S in particular is a stunning piece of technology. The camera brings users the best of both worlds, as it shoots both photos and videos with its high-resolution 24 MP CMOS BSI full-frame sensor and the latest Maestro III processor. This yields impressively fast and beautiful results. 

The camera’s quick and silent focusing, paired with its array of video formats and professional functionality, makes it a dream to work with for videography as well. So if your man enjoys vlogging and capturing life’s moments in full color, this model is for him. The camera is even available in a kit that comes with Leica’s Summicron-SL 35mm f/2 ASPH lens, which can handle a wide range of photos like close-up, landscape, street, and reportage shots. 

The Leica SL2-S camera with the Summicron-SL 35mm f/2 ASPH Lens
The Leica SL2-S camera with the Summicron-SL 35mm f/2 ASPH Lens/Photo from the Leica Store Manila website

Sony XM5 Headphones: For the Audiophile in Your Life

Sony’s line of noise-canceling headphones have been a staple in every audiophile’s and music-lover’s collection. The latest addition to their lineup, the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones, are no exception—improving on everything that made the previous XM4 generation great with an even sleeker build. 

The Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones in black
The Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones in black/Photo from the Sony Philippines website

The XM5 headphones feature 30 hours of battery life, three hours worth of battery with quick charge, and intuitive touch controls. Its eight microphones pick up more high and mid-frequency sounds than previous models, with an Auto NC Optimizer that adjusts and optimizes the noise canceling depending on the environment of the wearer. Its Integrated Processor V1 and HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1 work together to produce an incredibly quiet atmosphere that allows users to focus completely on their sounds. 

The black Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones in their case
The black Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones in their case/Photo from the Sony Philippines website

As for the sounds themselves, whether one is tuning into podcasts or music, the headphones offer a high-quality listening experience for a variety of genres. This is thanks to its 30mm driver unit, as well as its LDAC coding, High-Resolution Audio and High-Resolution Audio Wireless, and DSEE Extreme™ technology, which provide clear instrumentation and crisp, rich sound. And yes, users can answer video and phone calls with the pair of cans, which provide ultra-clear microphone performance without the distracting background noise. 

Kyln Pro Portable Pizza Oven: For the Man With a Culinary Flair

For the man who loves whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen, what better gift is there than a robust machine that handles a variety of tasks in one beautifully-designed body? Enter the Kyln Pro Portable Pizza Oven, which has captured the hearts of chefs and culinary professionals like Erwan Heussaf and JP Anglo

The Kyln Pro Portable Pizza Oven
The Kyln Pro Portable Pizza Oven/Photo from the Kyln website

The small but mighty oven lives up to its name as the brand’s most advanced oven yet, with a gas-powered system that’s capable of roasting meats, searing steaks, and of course, cooking the perfect Neapolitan-style pizzas in a snap. It’s capable of reaching temperatures of up to 500°C, and comes with a refractory stone baking board. 

The Kyln Pro Pack comes with an additional set of tools to complete the cooking experience
The Kyln Pro Pack comes with an additional set of tools to complete the cooking experience/Photo from the Kyln website

You can also complete your gift through a Kyln Pro special package, which includes everything your favorite chef needs to create a tantalizing feast. These include a 12″ Perforated Pizza Peel, 12″ Wood Fiber Launch Peel, 7″ Turning Peel, Digital Thermometer, Pizza Tongs, Pizza Cutter, All-Weather Bag, and Dough Scraper. 

Wacaco Nanopresso: For the Coffee-Lover on the Go

If the special man in your life is a big coffee lover who’s always out and about, then the Wacaco Nanopresso may be the machine he’s looking for. Portable and lightweight, the tiny machine packs a punch for those looking for the perfect shot of espresso wherever they are. 

The Wacaco Nanopresso in black
The Wacaco Nanopresso in black/Photo from the Wacaco website

The small tool comes with a protective travel case, built-in espresso cup, filter basket, scoop, and brush for a complete coffee-making experience. All its user needs to add is hot water at around 82°C, whether from a thermos, or a nearby kettle or heating source.

Just place your choice of finely ground coffee into the machine’s filter basket using the scoop (which also acts as a tamper), tamp it down, place the basket into the Nanopresso, screw on its portafilter, then pour the hot water into its bottom tank before screwing it in. Finally, unlock the machine’s piston knob, pump it six to eight times, and voilà, one now has a great cup of espresso on the go. 

The Wacaco Nanopresso in action
The Wacaco Nanopresso in action/Photo from the Wacaco website

The Wacaco Nanopresso comes in a variety of colors and designs, and users also have the option of purchasing a Nespresso adapter if they’re fond of using the special coffee capsules. With the compact machine, your favorite guy will never be without his coffee, even during roadtrips. 

Theragun Elite: For the Man Who Stays Active

For the guys who enjoy hitting the gym and playing sports, Therabody’s Theragun Elite makes for a great companion after a particularly tough workout. It’s a top-of-the-line option among massage guns thanks to its simple yet refined design, deep massage capabilities, and array of customizable features for optimal control. 

The Theragun Elite
The Theragun Elite/Photo from the Therabody website

Whether your favorite fitness buff is looking to warm-up or decrease muscle fatigue, the gun offers a quiet, science-based, and powerful percussive massage that he can adjust directly from his mobile device and monitor through the Theragun Elite’s OLED screen display. 

The Theragun Elite is the active man’s health companion
The Theragun Elite is the active man’s health companion/Photo  from the Therabody website

The massage gun also comes with five kinds of foam attachments that offer a unique therapy experience for different needs and areas of the body. Its other features include wireless charging, a 1750 to 2400 PPMs speed range, and 3 built-in app-guided preset routines, which ensure that the machine is always ready when your man needs it. 

Banner photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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