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How much will be added to Cruise’s $12.5 million up-front pay?

Top Gun: Maverick has passed $1 billion in global ticket sales, as reported by Paramount Pictures. It’s the production company’s second-highest-grossing film in its 110-year history, just behind Titanic (1997).

“It’s rare to get the special kind of alchemy that creates a true event film, and we have been absolutely blown away by the global response,” Paramount Pictures’ president and CEO Brian Robbins said.

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Maverick is the sequel to the original Top Gun film from 1986. On its opening weekend, May 27, ticket sales garnered $160.5 million—beating the record of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End from 2007.

Historic opening

The sequel is also Tom Cruise’s most successful movie in his career, which spans four decades. “Thank you to everyone who saw #TopGun: Maverick and helped make it a historic opening weekend,” he shared on Twitter.

According to Forbes, Cruise received $12.5 million in up-front pay for the film. “If [Top Gun: Maverick] makes $1 billion worldwide, [Cruise getting paid] nine figures doesn’t sound looney tunes,” an entertainment attorney told the publication in early June.

Now that the film reached record highs, the 59-year-old may get a payday well over a projected $90 million. If so, Cruise would beat Keanu Reeves, who netted over $83 million for all four Matrix franchise films. Reeves’ salary ballooned to $250 million from a combined box office total of $250 million.

Currently, Will Smith holds the highest salary for a single movie. In 2012, he earned $100 million for Men in Balck’s third installment, which made $624 at the global box office.

Banner photo from @tomcruise on Instagram.

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