Margarita Forés Shares Her Love For Food And Flowers

What Margarita Forés has been up to and what she’s offering for Mother’s Month. New projects, upcoming partnerships, and the beautiful arrangements from Margarita Floralscapes. 

If you appreciate good food, you’re likely familiar with the renowned chef Margarita Forés. She’s the culinary genius behind acclaimed restaurants such as Lusso, Cibo, and Grace Park Dining, among others.

In a recent interview with Lifestyle Asia, Margarita discussed her decision to rebrand her restaurants under the cohesive Margarita brand. 

She explained that this decision stemmed from a desire for clarity within her umbrella of concepts. “If you need a few more sentences to explain something, it makes it harder, right? So I decided to just put it under one umbrella and just use my name and use my signature as the clear rebrand for everything,” she shared.

With this rebranding initiative, one might ponder the changes it will bring to the dining experience and menu offerings. What can diners expect from this exciting transformation?

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Discovering the New Margarita

In the world of renowned chef Margarita Forés, change is on the horizon. When asked about the upcoming transformations, Margarita explained, “For the restaurants, catering, and other ventures, the food will remain largely unchanged. However, we will be strengthening our mission to combine the best of the Philippines with the best of Italy.”

Regarding the food itself, Margarita emphasized, “Grace Park’s and Lusso’s food will stay the same.” However, she added, “In anticipation of my signature restaurant Margarita, I will curate a repertoire featuring my greatest hits from the past 36, 37 years. These iconic dishes will embody the essence of celebrating Filipino and Italian cuisines without compromise.”

Margarita’s commitment to preserving the essence of her established restaurants while also innovating for the future showcases her dedication to culinary excellence. 

As she prepares to show these exciting developments, diners can expect a dining experience that beautifully combines the flavors of both cultures.

Passion for Food and Florals

When Margarita talks about food, her eyes light up with happiness. Even if you close your eyes, you can sense her smile through her words.

In addition to her culinary expertise, Margarita is also passionate about her Margarita Floralscapes. We asked her how her love for flowers intersects with her culinary ventures.

“Well, actually, over a decade ago, I decided to start Margarita Floralscapes because I believe that every aspect of my catering should be exceptional. From the food to the tableware, I think that including flowers is vital to convey the full message of my styling and concept. The florals are part of the entire experience,” she explained.

For Margarita, it’s always about providing exceptional service and creating the best possible experience for her customers, both in culinary delights and floral arrangements. It’s all about the beauty of the whole experience.

Margarita shared that when she began Margarita Floralscapes, she included it as part of her catering offerings. “I just love flowers, and I think that the unique way I arrange them reflects who I am.”

Sustainable Floral Creations

Margarita is not just about flowers; she’s about sustainability also. She expressed her desire to create a floral line that’s sustainable, drawing from her experiences working with the best florists in the Philippines.

“I learned a lot from working with Toni Parsons and Antonio Garcia of Mabolo, particularly about weddings. When I started my own floral line, I wanted it to be different, focusing on sustainability. That’s why I use a lot of live plants and flowers, minimizing cutting to prolong their lifespan,” she explained.

Margarita’s designs also incorporate found objects like tree bark and reeds, adding texture and earthiness to her creations. What sets her floral escapes apart is her use of fruits and vegetables in the arrangements, truly embodying the combination of “food and floral escapes.”

She highlighted the longevity of her arrangements, noting, “If you receive a gift from Margarita Floralscapes, like an arrangement with a live orchid, it can last over two weeks. I believe this longevity creates a more lasting memory for the recipient, which is something I wanted to showcase with my creations.”

A Mother’s Day Treat for All Moms

For Margarita, it’s all about food and flowers, especially as Mother’s Day approaches. When asked how she plans to incorporate flowers into her restaurants to celebrate this occasion, she shared a heartwarming response.

“At the restaurant, we usually have a small flower gift for all the mothers who dine with us. We’ve also prepared a special line for Mother’s Day, and orders are already coming in. It’s quite timely that I announced the rebrand because it has sparked new interest in the brand. The dishes we’re preparing for Mother’s Day will feature lots of edible flowers, celebrating the essence of florals in the celebration.”

Margarita believes that combining both the culinary and floral industries enhances the overall experience. “The delivery of the product is more complete because we’re not just providing food; we’re also offering flowers. It reminds people that my mission is to make life more beautiful and delicious for others.”

She emphasized, “The message goes beyond food; it’s also about flowers. This strengthens the message and the role I want to play. It’s not just about food delivery; it’s about making everything more beautiful. The combination of flowers and food allows me to share my heart with the market.”

Exciting Ventures on the Horizon

What’s there to be excited about? A lot, according to Margarita. She recently completed a collaboration in Hong Kong that has her buzzing with anticipation.

“It was the first collaboration branded as Testina x Margarita. The restaurant is set to open towards the end of the year. The collaboration in Hong Kong was truly special. Partnering with Testina allowed us to showcase both the Philippines and Italy.”

Margarita is also eagerly anticipating a collaboration with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, where Chef Vicky Cheng will be visiting Manila.

“He is my absolute idol. Everything he does is truly inspiring. He not only blends French and Chinese cuisine but also promotes his new brand ‘wing,’ which celebrates his Chinese heritage.”

Margarita finds parallels in her own work, blending Italian and Filipino cuisines. “Having Chef Cheng come to Manila for a collaboration is incredibly exciting. This will be our second collaboration in Manila, with our first in Hong Kong in 2017, after I received the Asia’s Best Female Chef award. We’re thrilled to have him back.” She won the award for Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2016, but it was awarded in 2017.

Finally, Margarita shared her excitement about her upcoming restaurant, Margarita. “It’s still a work in progress, but I’m excited to get it up and running. It’s a long haul, but we’re hoping to open it by the end of the year.”

For those interested in ordering Margarita Floralscapes for Mother’s Month, they can visit their Instagram

Photos courtesy of Margarita Forés.

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