In Laguna, A Sensorial Open House Welcomed Guests

Laguna harbors hot springs and scenic landscapes, but as far as guests at the Open House were concerned, the entire ecosystem fits inside a villa. Specifically, a villa located in VIE at Southern Plains, the latest residential project of Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC).

Held on September 16 and 17, VCDC’s event attracted an enthusiastic crowd and featured guest speakers across the design, lifestyle, and wellness industries, including Vincent Lim, Charles Ayson and Alisxandre Sy-Ayson, Kat Ong, and Anna Manalastas.

Natural World

Lim, a landscape architect, spoke on the effect of incorporating green spaces into the initial design, as opposed to retrofitting space for plants afterward. “You can hardly spot potted plants [at VIE at Southern Plains],” he pointed out. “People resort to pots as a way to introduce greenery, but here, we have gardens. [They’re tucked] under the staircase, between the living and dining rooms.”

The villas at VIE at Southern Plains not only offer ample space for indoor gardens, but also provide the essential utilities to nurture them. He emphasized VCDC’s attention to detail in ensuring the success of their indoor garden concept: “They’ve thought of everything, even providing water access and faucets in every pocket of green space.” These might seem inconspicuous at first glance, but Lim remarked that for those who know the work that goes into maintaining a garden, these are details that will be appreciated.

Another pleasant discovery that guests would later make: the larger units have trees growing inside. “The idea behind this is that when residents reach the second or third floor, they can touch the trees. It’s a very tactile and multisensory experience.”

A Perfect Fit

Equally as important as the indoor-outdoor feature are the customizable layouts. “We get to provide clients with the opportunity to design their houses according to their lifestyle and life stage,” explained Annielle Madrid, business development head at VCDC.

“Unlike most developers who only allow clients to make changes after the unit is turned over, at VCDC, you can customize before construction begins,” she said, “so at least when the house is handed over, it’s ready for moving in. The turnkey solution really sets VCDC apart.”

For instance, Madrid mentioned empty nesters who wish to downsize. “If they just want a bungalow, that option is available,” she explained. “Given that our villas are customizable, they [have the flexibility to] transform them into whatever suits their needs.”

Four villas

The first stop on the Open House tour was the Sage House, which boasted open, multi-functional spaces. “I’ve been in the industry for 18 years, but this is the first time I’ve seen greenery situated indoors,” said Lim, referring to the large foliage extending upward through the open ceiling area beside the dining table. “It’s progressive in a way, because no [other developer] does it like this. It also serves as a divider between the dining and living rooms.”

Next, guests were escorted to the Stella Villa, where Ayson and Sy-Ayson of The Manila Baker hosted their lifestyle session. Ayson noted, “The focal point of the Stella Villa is the kitchen, and with the layout options that VIE offers, you can utilize your space very easily.” For the chef, having top-to-bottom storage for kitchen appliances and ingredients is of utmost importance. Sy-Ayson stood beside him, looking out into the crowd, and added, “The close proximity of the kitchen and dining areas creates a spacious venue for entertaining.”

At the Ivy House, guests tuned in to a lesson in curating spaces with a certified professional organizer. Ong offered a practical tip, saying, “Put things where they make sense, not just where they fit.” This means categorizing items based on their intended use, not just where there is available storage. Before bidding the morning adieu, guests were also treated to a yoga and meditation session at the Harper Villa, led by Manalastas, the country’s only certified Budokon Yoga and Mobility instructor. This villa, being the largest among all of them, offers unlimited possibilities for individuals who are driven, dedicated, and discerning.

The Open House at VIE at Southern Plains was a showcase of innovative design and lifestyle possibilities. With guest speakers illuminating the importance of green spaces, flexible layouts, and smart organizing, it was clear that VCDC’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life of its current and future residents is at the heart of its projects. The seamless integration of turnkey solutions and personalized options makes Vie at Southern Plains an exceptional choice for those in search of a renewed perspective on modern living. 

To learn more about VIE at Southern Plains, visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram. For inquiries, contact 8856-2497 or email [email protected].

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