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The Razor House, which inspired fictional billionaire Tony Stark’s home in the Marvel Movies, was bought by Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz for $20.8 million.

A $23.5 million modern mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Southern California will hit the market on May 14. It will be the most expensive house up for sale in Encinitas, California—a town about 26 miles from San Diego. 

The home, named The Crescent House, initially sold for $11.1 million in 2016, is the work of architect Wallace Cunningham. While the 6,300 square feet property uses exposed concrete, glass, and titanium, it may remind you of comic book character Tony Stark’s home in Marvel films.  

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That’s because Cunningham, one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Designers, created The Razor House—the oceanfront mansion that inspired the fictional billionaire’s home. 

Although most scenes were created by computer-generated imagery (CGI), The Razor House was Saunders Creative, the illustrator’s basis. 

The Crescent House / Image from @miguel_t_diaz on Instagram.

Superstar owners

In 2019, the “Iron Man” home broke records in La Jolla, California, when it was sold for $20.8 million to Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys and her music executive husband, Swizz Beatz.

Last November, the couple showcased their home on Architectural Digest’s popular YouTube series Open Door. 

Meanwhile, The Crescent House has also received Hollywood attention by appearing in HBO’s “Westworld.” Across two levels, the home features four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and two half baths. 

The Crescent House / Image from @miguel_t_diaz on Instagram.

Cunningham told the publication he wanted to deliver “the sense of being on a ship at sea.” According to the listing, nearly every room allows views of the sky and the Pacific Ocean, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Banner photo from @ranchandcoast on Instagram.

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