The Michelin Guide Presents New Keys System To Hotels

The Michelin Guide released its keys system, which are prestigious recognitions to the most outstanding hotels in the world, starting with France.

Aside from awarding its traditional stars, the Michelin Guide marked a significant evolution in recommending must-visited places, especially restaurants. This year, it has introduced a new way of rating, this time hotels, through its keys system, and they are starting with hotels in France. 

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The Michelin Guide’s keys system

What do these keys entail for hotels and hoteliers across the world? The new set of accolades highlight a selection of accommodations offering its guests the most exceptional stays. 

“Just like the restaurant Stars, hotels now have their own distinction,” the guide said in their Instagram post.

Michelin Guide will award up to three keys: a hotel providing a “very special stay” gets one key; an “exceptional stay” gains two keys; and an “extraordinary stay” obtains three keys.

Michelin Guide’s keys system will recognize the best stays in the world, starting with France.

The guide announced its keys system on April 8 and recognized 189 memorable stays in France. It will soon announce other major destinations from the United States, Spain, Italy, Japan, and more.

Michelin Guide said on its site that its selection team base qualifications through anonymous stays or visits. The committee aims to help travelers from all over the globe to find spectacular lodgings with stellar hospitality and distinct character.

Hotels awarded with one key

Michelin Guide will award one key to establishments that go the extra mile for guests. Their distinctive branding exceeds expectations on what they can provide for a special stay. 

They awarded 127 hotels with one key. Examples of these are Maison Soclo in Toulouse, Soho House Paris, and Version Maquis Citadelle in Corsica, among others.

Maison Soclo is a boutique hotel in Toulouse situated near the Garonne River and the city capitol. It boasts a lush garden, swimming pool, and rooms exuding the classic charm of an 18-century house meshed with cozy British interiors. There are plenty of lounge spaces in the garden where they can relax and bond with people over food and drinks. It is easily accessible from the airport and other public transportation.

Membership-based Paris’ Soho House is a 19th-century building with 1940s-inspired interiors. It was once home to the family of poet Jean Cocteau and houses an impressive collection of French art and other site-specific murals. It contains facilities like a Winter Garden, a rooftop plunge pool, cowshed spas, and a member-exclusive restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Corsica’s Version Maquis Citadelle is nestled in the Bonifacian marquis which offers their guests a serene escape. They emphasize quiet luxury and personalized experiences around their contemporary style blended with their reverence for nature. Their facilities include 20 rooms, two suites, infinity pools, fitness and spa centers, boat rentals, phenomenal food, and they are also a pet-friendly accommodation.

Hotels awarded with two keys

The hotels that Michelin Guide bestowed two keys for creating exceptional vacations for all travelers globally. Aside from their ability to enchant tourists, they all have eye-catching architecture and locale-centric experiences.

The guide revealed 38 two-key hotels, including Shangri-La Paris, Cheval Blanc Saint Tropez, and Hotel du Palais in Biarritz

European grandeur meets Asian hospitality in the halls of Shangri-La Paris. It stands in Prince Roland Bonaparte’s former mansion, a location with remarkable views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. The hotel has 100 rooms and suites, a bar, and two restaurants. Spa treatments are available onsite, all rooms have modern amenities, and they have event spaces for high society gatherings.

Cheval Blanc St-Tropez is housed in a nearly century-old villa that has close proximity with the sea. It has 30 rooms and suites and promises guests an intimate and secluded experience. Its interiors evoke contemporary opulence adorned with art pieces from local artists. Facilities include their spa, private beach club, heated pools, and culinary excellence at the three-Michelin starred La Vague d’Or, led by chef Arnaud Donckele.

Biarritz’s Hôtel du Palais, former residence to Napoleon III and Empress  Eugénie, overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Guests will enjoy their wide range of amenities and services like a kids club, golf area, spas and fitness facilities, a pool, dining experiences, and artworks within the hotel. It boasts 86 rooms and 56 suites. It is also one of France’s highly-coveted event destinations for weddings and other gatherings.

Hotels awarded with three keys

Michelin Guide presented three keys for establishments that bring unparalleled services, styles, and elegance. They awarded three keys to 24 stays in France in the likes of Ritz Paris, La Réserve Ramatuelle in Saint Tropez, and Le K2 Palace in Courchevel.

The Ritz Paris is located at 15 Place Vendôme and was once a pioneer in the luxury hotel industry. Its rooms and suites exude timeless affluence and other amenities. The hotel suites pay homage to legendary guests like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Coco Chanel and Frédéric Chopin, among others. They boast facilities like their spacious spa and club, bars, restaurants, and in-hotel boutiques.

La Réserve Ramatuelle overlooks the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Guests will delight in the location’s alluring, tranquil views. You can choose if you want a room, a suite, or a villa, all of which consists of posh yet relaxing themes and other amenities. They have outdoor activities for guests, wellness facilities, dining experiences featuring gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, and other health and aging retreat centers.

Le K2 Palace is a hotel village in Courchevel, a ski destination in the French alps. Accommodations range from rooms to multi-level suites with mountain views. They have their own lift to their extensive ski area. Travelers will love the location’s discreet extravagance, itineraries, ostentatious facilities, and an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The hotel operates seasonally, from late November to mid-April, so you can plan your winter wonderland trip ahead.

Celebrating the best hospitality experiences

The Michelin Guide’s keys system serves as a prestigious indicator of excellence in the hospitality industry. They judge world-class destinations based on meticulous assessments in service, quality, amenities, and the hotels’ overall ambiance. 

Earning keys show the dedication of hoteliers around the world in providing patrons unsurpassable escapes. The guide has only just begun with the recognitions in France, but more countries will get their turn in the near future. 

Visit this link to see the complete list of the Michelin-key renowned accommodations in France.

Banner photo from Le K2 Palace’s website.

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