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As we are still in the longest lockdown in the world, these lessons remain relevant.

[Ed note: In the early months of 2020, the world was just beginning to grapple with the devastating virus known as COVID-19. Lockdowns were still a new concept then, a widespread disruption that forced many to stay in, reflect on their lives.

We asked around for the lessons our friends learned in this new normal. Their thoughts still resonate even now, as we continue with the longest lockdown in the world.]

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Jess Wilson

I am appreciating how extremely lucky we are to be able to take this lockdown to stay home and be comfortable while many others that don’t have that choice and are on the frontlines, really giving it their all.

It comes with a lot of guilt which I try to turn instead into something useful—donating to organizations that have set themselves up to be of help such as those donating meals and equipment to these everyday heroes.

I am realizing how lucky we are, but we can’t be passive in this and act like it’s not our problem to fix—it is everyone’s. I’m extremely grateful to those who are in the frontlines. Thank you to those who are risking it all to fight this, I am eternally grateful!

While there has been extreme anxiety and fear, the kindness and the spirit of community has been overwhelming and that’s a feeling I’ll never forget from this. After all of this, I will be actively reminding myself to show gratitude and appreciation into my daily routines and interactions.

Charmaine Lagman

I realized that the best kind of self-care in this lockdown begins with a strong sense of community. This begins with the family. Whether in crisis or in peace, my family and I have always made time for each other: whether in person with Anya (my youngest daughter) or thanks to technology, online with my children in New York, Elijah, and Mica.

Being united as a family unit helps me realize that the wider world is composed of families in blood or choice, and that I have a responsibility to them as I do to my loved ones to weather the storm together: in love and solidarity, with faith, hope, and charity.

To my family, friends and the frontliners, do not lose hope when faced with these challenging times. Rather, take this as an opportunity to strengthen our faith in humanity. Through

collective action, we can make a difference. Together, we build each other up by caring for one another and can be a light of hope for the most vulnerable among us. Let’s start by building good habits and being more mindful of our actions so we can come out of this as better people filled with hope and love.

For me, critical reflection is important. In a time of collective healing, we need to honor those who sacrificed the most for the least fortunate victims of this pandemic. Inspired by these events of philanthropy, I hope to do my own part in supporting others so that we may heal together and learn from each other.

To do that concretely is to act differently—that is, to be my own person and not fall prey to those who want to take advantage of myself or others. When this is all over, we’ll all be vulnerable with stories to tell. I hope to listen to these accounts with an open ear, to pay attention to their concerns with an open heart, and to acknowledge these wounds we share. With love and hope, we will get through this, together.

Juliana Gomez

I’ve realized that there is another kind of liberty in solitude. I’ve been more productive during this lockdown in ways I haven’t been in quite a while. Also, we can do away with so much.

We need so little to thrive, and we can be just as happy. Right now there’s nothing more important than just staying at home, keeping your immune system up, and staying hygienic.

This virus is real, and it’s scary—which is why we must give credit to our frontliners who risk their lives daily to keep us alive and safe. Also, instead of complaining about all the norms we once knew, we can shift perspective and be thankful for blessings, and there are many to be had daily!

I think that when everything is back to normal, I’ll start appreciating the small things even more. I will procrastinate less. I will not wait for the “perfect time”—to start learning new things, to nurture a hobby, or to hone a skill. Like it has been often said—there is no perfect time, there is only now.

Celine Lopez

They say character is what you are in the dark. I think this unprecedented and catastrophic time in history has given people a chance to look at themselves and re-evaluate who they have become.

Well, at least that’s my personal experience. Evolution is meant to destroy so we may rebuild the world again. I’ve come out of this lockdown thankful for my blessings. I’m pretty sure I won’t take anything for granted anymore.

Our frontliners are brilliant examples of what human beings should be. The enormity of their
strength, courage, and selflessness knows no beginning or end.

After all this, I trust in the world and mankind that we can all be better. Nothing inspires this more than time in adversity.

The full story titled “Lessons from the Zeitgeist” was first published in the April-May 2020 issue of Lifestyle Asia.

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