Level Up: Home Haven Must-haves to Modernize your Space - Partnership

Revamp your home with the best products to create a quality-looking space.

Your home is the one place where you find comfort, safety, and express yourself. It is filled with all the items that bring you joy including your hobbies, collections, and a cozy place to rest.

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So, adorn your safe haven with pieces that will maintain its quality and refinement. Have a look at these products that can help your home keep its beauty and durability in top shape:

1. Clean and vibrant carpet tiles are everything

Carpet tiles play a significant role in elevating a space. Carpet tiles from P.Tech are easy to install and come in a wide variety of designs that offer a unique aesthetic to your floors. This tile is also easy to maintain, durable, cost-effective, and can evoke a luxurious feel to any room.

P.Tech Carpet tiles

2. Glossy sink speaks premium home quality

In every kitchen area, the sink is one of the most commonly used parts that can make or break an entire space. Avoid having rough and hard-to-clean sinks, and dress your kitchen with a sink that is smooth as it is functional. Franke offers top-grade kitchen sinks that are germ, color, stain, impact, and scratch-proof that provide lasting visual appeal. 

Franke Bell Series Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

3. Shiny bathroom walls for an added razzle-dazzle

Shiny tiles offer a better visual appeal and serve as reflection for light, making a whole space look lighter, more extensive, and airier. Emigres tiles are resistant to stain and scratch, offering long-lasting quality to your bathroom space. These tiles bring out an elegant and refreshing ambiance to radiate in your bathroom area.

Emigres Linus Velvet Azul

4. Spotless outdoor fixtures offer lasting impression

The most noticeable part of a home is the front where the doors and windows are out in the open. Sliding windows offer more natural light and ventilation to enter as well as easy to clean and maneuver. As for your doors, installing a door canopy is an excellent way to protect your door against extreme weather conditions.

This will help your door last longer and maintain its quality. Whether you furnish your home with something simpler or more grandeur style, nothing beats gleaming doors and windows that shine through in and out.

P.tech sliding window and door canopy

5. Efficient furniture and lighting exude opulence

Depending on the type of room you’re trying to illuminate, whether it’s creating a more solemn and dramatic vibe or highlighting a specific area, the proper lighting can transform your home into having a completely different look and feel.

So, trust Alphalux to give you the lighting satisfaction you need in brightening every room in your home. To complement your lighting fixture, add some chic furniture and decors from Heim. You can mix and match colors and textures to add stunning vibrancy to your space.

Heim furniture and decors, and Alphalux lamps

Revamp your home with the best products to create a quality-looking space and shop these products exclusively from Wilcon Depot. Shop now at any of their 73 outlets nationwide or shop online at Wilcon Online Store by visiting shop.wilcon.com.ph.

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