A Bespoke Banquet Experience Awaits You at Marquis Events Place

On top of a long table, five gigantic swans carved from ice proudly stood. A variety of delightful treats in small glasses surrounded these beautiful ice sculptures. This is the visual feast that welcomed the guests at the Marquis Ice-capade 2019 Grand Chef’s Table. Executive Chef Carlo Castillo prepared this banquet for their clientele and event planners. The event aimed to inspire them in designing their own celebrations. This mid-year Yuletide feast astounded the guests with its elegant ice-scapes and scrumptious food.

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Swan ice sculptures. (Photo from Marquis)

Christmas in July

The kitchen of Marquis Events Place opened the doors of its Sarus Grand ballroom, allowing guests to enjoy a Christmas feast in the middle of the year. The lunch opened with the Yuletide greetings of Marquis’ Director of Sales and Marketing Joy de Guzman. A medley of Christmas carols followed, elevating the cheerful ambiance of the room. While the music played, guests enjoyed lively conversations and approached the live kitchen stations where they indulged in the distinctive courses of Marquis chefs prepared.

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LEFT: Rustico, Dates, and Truffled Honey Stuffing. RIGHT: Lechon de Leche.

Unique and delectable creations

Executive Chef Castillo believes in having personalized service and flavorful courses for every special event. Hence, he and his team set up live kitchen stations in the middle of the room. Each station featured scrumptious creations like the Angus Beef, Turkey with Rosemary Perfume, and Lechon de Leche. There were also Stone Baked Artisan Bread, Tempura, fresh pasta, and salads.

LEFT: Golden egg-shaped treat. RIGHT: Chocolate cube dessert. (Egg dessert photo from Anjelo Cabigting’s Instagram)
LEFT: Matcha macarons with white chocolate garnish. RIGHT: Chocolate-coated fried ice cream ball.

Sweet options delighted the guests with the chefs’ unique and delectable treats. Guests marveled at desserts that came in the shape of a golden egg, chocolate-coated ice-cream balls, and different flavors of macarons garnished with thin chocolate slices. Everyone satiated their appetite with this ultimately mouthwatering food.

Marquis Ice-capade 2019 is only a taste of what Marquis has in store for their clientele. Those who opt to celebrate special occasions with them will certainly be impressed with their bespoke banquet experience.

Marquis Events Place is situated in Bonifacio Global City. For booking reservations and information, contact (632) 663 7487 and [email protected]. You can also visit their website at www.marquis.ph, their Facebook account @MarquisEventsVenue, and Instagram account @marquiseventsph

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