Teddy Manuel Designs A Filipino Hacienda Wedding

Ella Pangilinan and Enrique Miranda finally exchanged “I Dos” and worked with world renowned wedding designer, Teddy Manuel, on their big day.

On December 7, 2023, Ella Pangilinan and Enrique Miranda exchanged “I dos” in Intramuros. The day was filled with emotion and merriment, set against an amazing scene of careful choices that resonated with the couple. The day was filled with both raw emotions and joyful celebrations, accompanied by a meticulously curated backdrop that perfectly resonated with the couple and reflected their essence. “Every single detail in the ceremony and reception look was intentional,” shares event designer Teddy Manuel, who worked with the newlyweds to engineer their picture-perfect day.

World-renowned event designer Teddy Manuel
World-renowned wedding designer Teddy Manuel/Photo from Nice Print Photography

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Filipino hacienda as the central theme

“The theme of the wedding was Filipino hacienda,” he shares. Ella and Enrique wanted to honor their heritage with some Spanish flair in honor of Enrique’s Spanish-Filipino family from Cebu, emphasizing the idea of partnership and the creation of a long-lasting union. The theme for their wedding was the captivating fusion of Filipino and Spanish influences, paying tribute to their heritage and creating a beautiful representation of their union.

Ella Pangilinan and Enrique Miranda exchanged “I dos”
Ella Pangilinan and Enrique Miranda exchanged “I dos”/Photo from Nice Print Photography

The ceremony began at Puerto Real Gardens in historic Intramuros, and festivities continued at the heritage mansion Palacio de Memoria. “The wedding was divided into three parts: the wedding ceremony (Kasalan), the feast (Handaan), and the dance (Sayawan).”

The wedding's central theme was Filipino hacienda, honoring the couple's heritage with some Spanish flair
The wedding’s central theme was Filipino hacienda, honoring the couple’s heritage with some Spanish flair/Photo from Adrian Ardiente

The wedding went for a soft, tropical autumn vibe that blossoms to life at golden hour under the overall idea of being a Filipino-Spanish celebration. Lush white and green arrangements were created for the ceremony, including grass harvested from Bulacan that lined the aisle. Teddy purposefully chose to decorate the wedding with local flowers like asters, green rods, and gladiolas.

The ceremony was held under a mango tree, while guests sat on wooden benches and rattan lounge chairs. Rain poured down as the ceremony began, but umbrellas were readily available at the scene. Teddy shares, “Aside from parasols for shade under the sun, their wedding planner Amanda Tirol, one of the country’s most sought-after, had her team prepare umbrellas for the rain, in case it might rain. And it did rain! But because umbrellas were ready, the rain didn’t dampen the excitement of the guests awaiting Ella’s walk down the aisle. If you look at the photos of the ceremony, it became even more beautiful, thanks to Amanda’s foresight and attention to detail.

Intentional details throughout the wedding

Guests watched Ella walk down the aisle in her mother Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan’s own terno wedding dress made by Philippine National Artist Jose “Pitoy” Moreno, reworked for her by Rajo Laurel, to match the wedding’s Filipino-Spanish theme.

Teddy Manuel's intricate work on the venue exhibited timeless elegance
Teddy Manuel’s intricate work on the venue exhibited timeless elegance/Photo from Nice Print Photography

At Palacio de Memoria, fruits and vegetables welcomed guests to their tables. “We aimed for an elevated rustic style to maintain the romance of the occasion. The centerpiece was meant for guests to take home in a bayong to promote sustainability.”

The rustic elements of the table centerpieces, which guests are meant to take home in a bayong
The rustic elements of the table centerpieces, which guests are meant to take home in a bayong/Photo from Nice Print Photography

Other elements also meant a great deal to the couple. Puso rice, a known delicacy in Cebu, was placed on the table to represent the groom’s hometown. The idea came from one of ninang’s, Tina Maristela Ocampo. “We even went to Dangwa to pick out items as we did a mock-up of what the guest tables would look like.”

Refreshments like local taho and sorbetes, as well as a cooling station and baskets filled with parasols, fans, and sunglasses, were readily available for guests to indulge in and use.

A taho cart in place at the venue
A taho cart in place at the venue/Photo from Nice Print Photography

Even down to the after-party, the details continue to be intentional. Featuring a tropical bar concealed with fabric and foliage before the big reveal, the venue quickly transformed as lounge seats, a round bar, and a sari-sari store were added for midnight snacks and a selection of tusok-tusok snack treats.

Focused on creating connections

“Ella’s wedding was different from a usual celebrity wedding,” Teddy divulges. “It focused on creating connections among everyone involved.” In choosing intimate and meaningful venues, Ella set out to create not just a wedding for the couple’s own enjoyment but also for everyone’s comfort.

Teddy Manuel with married couple, Ella Pangilinan and Enrique Miranda
Teddy Manuel with married couple, Ella Pangilinan and Enrique Miranda/Photo from Nice Print Photography

“Everything had a purpose; they didn’t want anything to go to waste,” he shares, emphasizing the level of detail they employed in planning the event. “It’s not just the idea of having something pretty or placing things for the sake of having no empty spaces; everything had to have meaning.” Their wedding was a testament to the power of meaningful choices, surpassing mere aesthetic beauty and infusing every moment with significance, reflecting the couple’s desire for connection and sustainability.

According to Teddy, working with Ella was a joy due to her creative vision and practical approach. Her focus wasn’t just on creating a spectacular event for herself and Enrique but also on ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of their guests, resulting in a smooth and cohesive Filipino-Spanish wedding that will be cherished by all who attended.

Banner photo from Nice Print Photography.

Reception venue PALACIO DE MEMORIA
Caterer CIBO
Invitations PRINT DIVAS

Bridal gown RAJO LAUREL
After party gown VANIA ROMOFF
Entourage gowns AVEL BACUDIO
Preparation robes EVE THE LABEL
Make-up artist RB CHANCO


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