More And More: Maximalism Is Back And Better

After the rise of subdued styles during the pandemic, the antithesis of minimalism returns with loud prints, obnoxious color blocking, and unnecessary layerings.

Quiet luxury has been on the rise for quite a while. More and more brands are now adapting to the idea that they have to cater to the demands of time—shifting their design codes and identities to a more minimal and quiet route. However, maximalism is a trend that is slowly gaining traction on social media and collections. 

Sara Camposarcone wearing archival Moschino couture and Loewe balloon shoes
Sara Camposarcone wearing archival Moschino couture and Loewe balloon shoes/Photo via Instagram @saracamposarcone

The trend of maximalist fashion was an extension of the growing love for maximalist interior design. “If you’re scanning through interior design magazines, you might get the idea that maximalism is coming in with a bang in 2023. Everyone from Architectural Digest to Better Homes & Gardens declares that maximalism is trendy, with interiors dominated by bold colors and patterns,” Elizabeth Segran of Fast Company said. 

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How it is styled

Loud prints, obnoxious color blocking, and unnecessary layering—are three components a maximalist outfit usually has. Maximalism is all about filling up spaces and putting on more than what there normally should be. When styling a maximalist outfit the question, “Is it too much?” should never cross your mind. 

In recent collections, maximalism is evident in the designs of different fashion houses. Loewe Spring/Summer 2023 showcased clothes with pixelated prints on them—creating out-of-the-norm silhouettes and patterns. In the past year, Loewe also released the balloon shoes that were the talk of the town. Having balloons for a heel of a shoe fits perfectly for maximalist styling. 

Pixelated hoodie in technical knit
Pixelated hoodie in technical knit/Photo via Loewe website

Another brand known for severe maximalism is Moschino. The brand is not afraid to play with bold colors and extreme patterns and silhouettes which is a design signature. In the recent Spring/Summer 2023, Moschino paraded whimsical dresses with colorful patterns, depicting a pool floater. 

Look 55 of the Moschino SS23
Look 55 of the Moschino SS23/Photo via Moschino website

How it came to be

Nadia Ebrahim of Refinery29 said in an article, “Maximalism is all about doing the absolute most, and it’s no surprise that the style has taken off as we emerged from the pandemic.” After being locked away from social events and the outside world, people had the urge to go all out in whatever endeavor they chose—and for some it is fashion. 

Filipino socialite Tessa Prieto wearing Mark Bumgarner
Filipino socialite Tessa Prieto wearing Mark Bumgarner/Photo via Instagram @seaprincess888
Mandy Romero in the Mega Ball wearing Axel Que
Mandy Romero in the Mega Ball wearing Axel Que/Photo by Excel Panlaque

Maximalism isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some may view it as an atrocious trend, while others see maximalism as an extension of their personality. For those who wear multi-layered outfits with clashing colors, your confidence and your commitment to your style complete your creative look.

Banner photo via Moschino website.

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