Motion Design: This Auction House Partnered With Illustrator, Graphic, And Motion Designer To Bring Art To Life - Arts & Culture

The collaboration features works by Andy Warhol (“Living Room”) and René Magritte (“Le Coup de Grâce’).

As per Phillips Auctions’ Instagram post: In 1948, Andrew Warhola, now known as Andy Warhol, captured his family residence in watercolor for a university assignment—an incredible relic of one of the most iconic figures of modern art history. 

‘Living Room’ depicts the worn and beloved heart of the Warhola home, adorned with the family’s shabby maroon sofa and armchair, wooden rocking chair, and brick fireplace that his father built. Featured alongside ‘Living Room,’ ‘Nosepicker I’ is another early work from the same year and is one of the artist’s first ever self-portrait paintings.”

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The auction house partnered once again with Baptiste Picq through “Le Coup de Grace” and shared through an Instagram post: “René Magritte’s charming oil, ’Le coup de grâce’ allows the viewer’s imagination to unfold—how did the house come to arrive in the cave? We collaborated with @baptistepicq to imagine the backstory of this work through motion design.

’Le coup de grâce’ was accompanied by poetic lines: Le Coup de Grâce. The house managed to get into the cave, we don’t know how, imagination gives the finishing touch. The house, looking into the darkness of the cave, plunges into the night of the unconscious, and our usual habit of looking outwards is given the coup de grâce.”

Banner photo via Instagram @phillipsauction.

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