Sting Serenades Filipino Fans In Two Sold Out Shows

The British singer-songwriter winner returns to Manila to perform his greatest hits.

Sting last came to the Philippines in 2012 during his Back to Bass world tour. He was supposed to hold another concert in 2019, but the show was canceled due to scheduling conflicts.

He was finally back in the country on March 17 and 18, 2023, to perform in the Theater at Solaire. Both shows were soon sold out as many fans were waiting for his return.

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His son, Joe Sumner, joined these tour dates as his special guest. He is also the lead vocalist and bassist for the rock band Fiction Plane.

Sumner opened the show with his own original songs, such as “Jellybean” which he dedicated to his wife and children. He talked about loving the food and sightseeing here in the Philippines, only wishing that his family could have been there.

He closed his set with the song “Hope,” which he released with a video in 2020 featuring singers such as Sting, Ben Folds, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Richard Marx, and more.

Sting My Songs Tour In Manila 2023
Image via Instagram @solaireresort

After a short break in between sets, the crowd came alive when Sting and his band finally took the stage.

The singer started his show with hits like The Police’s “Message in a Bottle” and “Englishman in New York” from his second solo album.

“We are delighted to be back,” Sting said on the second night, after pointing out a young child in the front row who was fast asleep, much to his amusement.

He then introduced his band members one by one, who each had their moment to shine throughout the show. 

From the vocalists’ insane range and powerful belts, to the guitarist’s sick riffs and the drummer’s unfaltering beat, it was a masterclass performance from everyone involved.

Sting My Songs Tour In Manila 2023
Image via Instagram @solaireresort

Sting sat back and slowed down the show with “Fields of Gold” and “Shape of My Heart.” In “Brand New Day,” the singer called upon the youngest member of their band, the harmonica player, to take on Stevie Wonder’s part in the song.

They also played “What Could Have Been,” a song that was written for Netflix’s Arcane, as scenes from the series played in the background.

Sumner later joined his father on stage for “King of Pain.” As the performers left after joining hands and bowing to the audience, chants of “encore” and “Roxanne” filled the venue.

Sting My Songs Tour In Manila 2023
Image via Instagram @solaireresort

Sting returned to the stage after a short break, jokingly saying, “I have no idea what song you wanna hear.” The entire crowd was up on their feet and singing along when they finally played “Roxanne.”

The show closed with the song “Fragile,” with Sting sitting on a stool with his acoustic guitar. The performer shared that he chose this song because he wanted to end the night on a quiet and thoughtful note.

And what a night it was, truly a rare treat for fans who have been waiting to hear these beloved songs live for years.

Banner image via Instagram @theofficialsting.

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