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Establishing our own signature scent just became easier and more accessible for us to do

It’s not just a location, a person, or an object that triggers a wave of memories that can come crashing down like waves–scent does that, too. Whether it’s the intoxicating aroma of our loved one’s special meal or our significant other’s favorite sweater, specific scents have their own way of inserting nostalgia into our lives. Narciso Rodgriguez knows that, which is why we can now create our own personal signature scent with their for her mini duos along with the for her PURE MUSC Eau de Parfum as there’s no better way to incorporate scent that can generate more wonderful memories in the future than to have our own that no one else can replicate.

Beautifully addictive

The for her fragrance collection of Narciso Rodriguez is the epitome of a woman’s combined beauty and sensuality, making them intimately addictive. Each one is defined by a musc signature that is easily identifiable, invariably remembered, and constantly beloved. With the new for her mini duos, we can now experience the rousing sensation of their signature scent in different ways by layering our other favorite for her scents with the for her PURE MUSC, making each creation truly ours.

The for her mini duos are introduced as a new way to innovatively personalize our own for her fragrance. We’re free to use the mini duos as we like, whether worn alone or layered to create an intoxicating scent that is uniquely ours. The for her mini duos are available in 20mL sets of for her Eau de Toilette and PURE MUSC Eau de Parfum, and for her MUSC NOIR Eau de Parfum and for her PURE MUSC Eau de Parfum.

Exclusive curated for her sample box

For us to easily figure out which for her mini duo to choose from, Narciso Rodriguez is also launching curated sample boxes that consist of for her fragrances. Available exclusively on Lazada, the sample boxes encourage us to conduct trials in layering for an even better and a more accurate signature scent.

Create an addicting scent that will be remembered as yours and yours alone by visiting Narciso Rodriguez on Lazada.

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