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Fans and media outlets alike sent warm birthday greetings to the renowned broadcaster and biologist, who just turned 97 on May 8.

With his soothing voice and passion for the natural world, David Attenborough has captivated the world through his documentaries, TV series, and books. 

He’s been sharing his knowledge on flora and fauna with audiences both young and old since the 1950s. His portfolio of work is as extensive and influential as they come. Take a look at almost any great nature documentary, and chances are, he’s in it. 

A still of David Attenborough and a meerkat friend from BBC's "Life Of Mammals"
A still of David Attenborough and a meerkat friend from BBC’s “Life Of Mammals” (2000)/Photo via Instagram @davidattenborough

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Some of his most iconic works include The Blue Planet (2001), David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (2020), The Life of Birds (1998), and Planet Earth (2006). These documentary series gave the world a closer look at the lives of animals across different continents. They also highlighted Attenborough’s steadfast commitment to environmental conservation. 

Sharing A Passion For The Earth

Attenborough’s work has become even more significant over the past few years. As the planet continues to experience the negative effects of climate change, deforestation, and pollution, there’s a growing need for people to care about the fate of our home as much as the 97-year-old does. 

The beloved Sir David Attenborough
The beloved Sir David Attenborough/Photo by Conor McDonnell via Instagram @conormcdphoto

Attenborough’s fans can attest that the world has changed for the better due to his work. Many of them flocked to social media on May 8 to send warm birthday greetings. These messages were also peppered with words of gratitude to the naturalist for his unending devotion to the planet. 

“Happy and blessed birthday, Sir David! You are one of my favorite naturists,” one fan wrote in a Facebook post. “You are heading to that grand century in style. What a blessing it is to still have you doing what you love.” 

A Tribute to the Man Behind the Work

Notable institutions like UNESCO, the Natural History Museum in London, World Wildlife Fund UK, and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust also took to social media to commemorate the biologist’s 97th birthday. 

The BBC—a long-time collaborator of Attenborough—released their own touching homage to the veteran broadcaster in the form of a 97-second video (each second for every year of his life). 

A younger David Attenborough during the late 1970s, filming BBC's "Life On Earth"
A younger David Attenborough during the late 1970s, filming BBC’s “Life On Earth“/Photo via Instagram @davidattenborough

The video contains old footage of a younger Attenborough doing what he does best: exploring the beautiful planet earth for those who inhabit it. 

One can see that his enthusiasm for the earth and its creatures hasn’t waned, even in his old age. From rotund seals to giant crabs, Attenborough has been (and always will be) a friend to all. 

Banner photo by Conor McDonnell via Instagram @conormcdphoto.

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