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Las Encinas has additions to its student body.

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When Elite’s first episode premiered on Netflix in October 2018, viewers got hooked on the whip-smart drama-thriller. The show, which has a 100 percent critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is about the clashing of social classes when three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain. That conflict led to murder.

Elite is deliciously trashy and gloriously glossy. The show straddles the line between being an all-out soap opera about unruly sexual desires and a socially conscious, nail-biting thriller about wealth inequality,” writes Manuel Betancourt in a review on Los Angeles Times. In another review, New Yorker critic Doreen St. Felix says that the show is “genuinely interested in the psyche of the ambitious teen-ager.”

Since the Spanish series released its fourth season last month, the plot thickened even further. Four new main characters were introduced who will help stir up the drama.

Powerful European businessman Benjamin (played by Diego Martin) enters the show as Las Encinas’ new principal director and enrolls his three children as he begins the post. At the same time, a new student of royal descent begins attending the school and makes a surprising friend.

Ari Blanco Commerford (Played by Carla Díaz)

Ari would go to the extremes to ensure her actions won’t compromise her opulent lifestyle. With that, she maintains a competitive spirit with perfectionist tendencies. As the most obedient of Benjamin’s three children, Ari keeps a strong bond with her father, which tends to cause a strain on her relationship with her siblings, Mencia and Patrick. 

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Patrick Blanco Commerford (Played by Manu Ríos)

Although he’s Ari’s twin brother, Patrick’s self-indulgent personality is far from identical to his sister’s. While Patrick only does what he wants, he can convince others that he follows the rules. And that’s thanks to his sharp ability to charm people to get his way. 

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Mencía Blanco Commerford (Played by Martina Cariddi)

If Patrick bends the rules, Mencia completely ignores them. As the youngest of the Commerford siblings, Mencia is known for self-destructive behavior. However, even with her chaotic disposition, she also reveals her gentle side toward the people she considers most special to her. 

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Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg (Played by Pol Granch)

A prince completes the season four cast members. He’s a direct successor to a Central European throne. Expectedly, the royal maintains impeccable manners and a level of sophistication. Since he grew up in the confines of a luxurious and privileged bubble, Phillipe enters the school oblivious to “real” life. Considering his blue-blooded lineage, he makes connections quickly—but it’s with an unlikely new friend.

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Banner photo from Elite’s official Instagram page.

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