The Way Forward: Suki Salvador Challenges The Next Generation Of Content Creators As One Mega Group’s New President

Under his leadership, the multi-slasher wants to drive truth and excellence to the forefront of lifestyle journalism and compelling storytelling.

“I want us to be brilliant,” shares the new One Mega Group, Inc. president Suki Salvador. Having spent 13 years in the company, he has witnessed many different creative ideas. While some are amazing, some stooped to the level of mediocrity—and there is no room for subpar work in his vision for the company.

“Starting today, I want to change that. I want to improve our quality even more,” he explains in his speech. By challenging current content creators, writers, editors, and artists to hone their craft, Salvador looks forward to the day that One Mega Group will become a media giant. It may seem ambitious and the journey will be difficult, but he is committed for the company to become a rousing powerhouse within the media and publishing industry.

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“I want us to be brilliant,” Salvador says

What excellence is made of

As a multi-hyphenate visionary, Salvador is a storyteller first and foremost. “I love talking to people,” he reveals in an interview with Madel Asuncion for Star Style. “I love when they open up to me about anything, from the mundane to their deepest, darkest secrets.” The conversations help him create stories, and his passion for it led him to the world of media where his experiences led to valuable insights that help brands and people evolve.

Among his biggest milestones include hosting MEGA Fashion Crew, the reality TV show for discovering young talents in the fashion industry, taking the role of creative director for Lifestyle Asia, and becoming the vice president for content and creatives in One Mega Group.

Now as the president, Salvador is thrilled to take on a new challenge. But this time, he shifts the focus to encourage each of the company’s content creators to be “a true journalist and a compelling storyteller.” He explains this entails producing well-researched, balanced, valuable, and above all, purposeful work.

He believes telling stories goes beyond using fancy or descriptive words. Rather, it is all about delivering the truth and what matters the most to people.

With this vision in mind, Salvador is intent on pushing One Mega Group and all of its titles to the level of excellence. With his valuable understanding of the industry and firm encouragement, he is leading the entire team to stimulate change and inspire many in a time when these are most needed.

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