These Personalities Join The New And Here’s What You Can Expect From Them

One Mega Group, Inc. relaunches a new platform for real stories and lifestyle content and it’s as exciting as you think.

Many Filipinos remained, if not, spent most of their time online from the onset of the pandemic. While we wait and work for an end to the crisis, we spend the time away by scouring for news updates and entertainment virtually. However, the longer we scroll through social media, the more some take this chance to create and spread unreliable information. So, where do we turn for trusted sources? One Mega Group, Inc. responds to this hunger for truth and gripping stories through its relaunch of, a platform for all trustworthy and meaningful media. Catering to all the lives we lead, thought leaders and experts from across industries are assembled in this unique undertaking to share what they know and talk to us about having a meaningful life. With topics that range from fashion, beauty, luxury, travel, tech and gadgets, home and design, business and career, entertainment, food and entertaining, parenting, fitness and wellness, weddings, and youth, your spirit is well considered for all it really, truly needs to know for a better, more mindful life.

One Mega Group, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Archie Carrasco talks about how the platform came about, “Digital now is polluted of unnecessary content,” he says, “[People] will do anything just to get the attention of their online audience, even to the point of publishing fake news. We would like to make a stand on this… It is time for us to focus on quality, not quantity.” Vice President for Content and Creatives Suki Salvador echoes a similar sentiment, “As a media practitioner, I found it to be very disconcerting. This is the reason why we conceived,… we have gathered thought leaders for various industries to deliver you narratives that are not only honest but also verified.”

Scroll below to see some of the personalities who are part of this exciting new platform.

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

The chef and entrepreneur takes you to her kitchen and guides you through creating the most flavorful and creative dishes, and of course, hosting lovely luncheons and dinner parties with your family and friends.

Ferdi Salvador and Bianca Salonga

Ferdi Salvador and Bianca Salonga

For everything luxurious, Ferdi and Bianca are your go-to tastemakers. Take a peek into their lifestyles—be it in fashion, travel, food—and learn the best way to experience the finest things in life.

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Cat Arambulo

Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Nothing is more relatable and heartwarming than hearing stories of joy, struggles, and everything in-between family life. Cat shares all these truths and more, giving you comfort amid the twists and turns of having a family.

Tuasons and Stockinger

Marlon Stockinger with JP and Jeanette Tuason

Life may not be a race, but Marlon, JP, and Jeanette show you the thrill and challenge of moving along the road—as fast and fierce as you can. Enthusiasts of race cars will definitely enjoy learning from these masters of the race track.

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Tessa Alindogan

Tessa Alindogan

Know how to make your house truly your home through the impeccable eyes of Tessa. With her expertise in architect and interior design, you can transform your living space into a world of renewed energy, comfort, creativity, and inspiration.

To see the rest of the personalities, narratives, and industries, head over to as it officially launches today.

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