One is the Loneliest Number: Gerry Baguio Expresses Intense Emotions Through Collage in 'Isolation' - Arts & Culture

Baguio’s work is influenced by pop culture, tribal art, graffiti, and consumerism.

Done in the midst of the pandemic, works by Gerry Baguio are featured in a solo exhibition at Altro Mondo Creative Space.

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Art has been used by societies to deal with adversity and uncertainty of the last few years. We live in a time where we are unable to see friends and family as much as we are used to, so some might be struggling to find the right ways to stay connected. 

A Tradition of Spirits

Isolation reflects Baguio’s current perception of the world, and how seclusion can affect our mental health and relationships with others.


Baguio’s work is influenced by pop culture, tribal art, graffiti, and consumerism, which mirror the changes in the Philippines’ urban culture. As he sits in isolation in a small studio in Manila, he continues his work by experimenting with intense emotions, and the deconstruction of images through the use of collage, bold colors, and manic patterns. 

The Passing Day

Layers of acrylic and ink fill handmade paper with hypnotic dots and lines of vibrant hues. Baguio illogically gathers texts, icons, and images lifted from products of popular culture and mass-market advertising to challenge and change the way people see others, the world, and ourselves.

Isolation will be on view at Altro Mondo Creative Space until May 21. For more information, visit @altromondoart on Facebook and Instagram.

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