Unveiling The Stories Of The Women Behind These Candle Shops

Discover the captivating world of two remarkable candle shops, where passion and creativity intertwine with aromatic wonders. 

Life is full of twists and turns, and amidst the unpredictability, we’ve been fortunate enough to navigate our way out of the pandemic. 

However, it was during those uncertain times that two remarkable women found solace and purpose in their passions, creating thriving candle shops that added light to their lives and the lives of others.

Experience the enchantment of Life by ABC, where gifts come to life, and immerse yourself in the success of L’Abondance, a haven of handcrafted fragrances.

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Life by ABC

Let’s first step into the world of Life by ABC, helmed by the talented Anna Chan. 

As the pandemic swept through our lives, Chan seized the opportunity to fill her gift cabinet while supporting local suppliers and makers. 

Life by ABC Anna Chan
Chan/Photo courtesy of Anna Chan

This unique venture provided a ray of hope during those challenging times. However, as life gradually regained its bustling pace post-pandemic, Chan’s business had to take a back seat. 

Nonetheless, her entrepreneurial spirit remains aflame, ready to be reignited.

Life by ABC
Photo via Instagram @lifebyabcstore 


Meadow brings everyday moments to life with imaginative scents. Each candle is a chance to daydream, transporting you to a magical realm. 

Founded by lifestyle writer and fashion designer Mariane Perez, her candles tell stories through scent artistry. 

Perez/Photo courtesy of Mariane Perez

Hand-poured with love, she blends local beeswax and soy for a clean burn. With Room and Linen Mists, and perfumes, Meadow offers diverse scents for different personalities. 

Southern and Lotus/Photos courtesy of Meadow
Mermaid Isle Duo Floral/Photos courtesy of Meadow

Custom artwork reflects each fragrance’s vibe and prominent notes. Meadow meticulously blends fragrance oils from France and the United States to create unique aromas. 

Her commitment to quality means months of testing for enthralling scent combinations. Meadow candles are a touch of femininity and grace, while their scents turn spaces into instant sanctuaries. 

Thrive in the present, cherishing a life inspired by Meadow’s charm.


Now, let’s immerse ourselves in the enchanting realm of L’Abondance, a scent-sational success brought to life by the dynamic entrepreneur, Lulu Meriguet-Cacciatore. 

As we were all urged to stay home, Meriguet-Cacciatore discovered the joy of self-care and indulging in captivating scents. 

Her love for candles and water diffusers grew and with the encouragement of her husband,  Meriguet-Cacciatore embarked on a journey of candlemaking. 

Thus, L’Abondance Atelier d’Arome was born—a haven of aromatic delights. Starting with candles, Meriguet-Cacciatore collection expanded to encompass interior fragrances and personal care products. 

Photo via Instagram @abondance.ph 

Drawing inspiration from her French heritage and her Italian spouse, Meriguet-Cacciatore concocted scents that evoke cherished memories from their backgrounds. 

Each candle becomes a symphony of six to eight carefully selected notes, transcending the conventional aromas of bamboo or lavender.

One-woman Team

Despite being a one-woman team, Meriguet-Cacciatore’s commitment to excellence shines through. Her aroma studio has collaborated with her sister’s resorts in El Nido, crafting co-branded candle sets and linen sprays. 

Even in Manila, she has left her scented mark on two restaurants, supplying them with exquisite bathroom hand soaps.

L’Abondance is not just a tale of passion and creativity. It is a testament to the power of resilience and finding beauty in unexpected circumstances. 

The pandemic redirected our lives back to our homes, and for Meriguet-Cacciatore, it became a catalyst for self-discovery and a rekindling of her true passions. 

One-woman Team Meriguet-Cacciatore
Meriguet-Cacciatore/Photo courtesy of Lulu Meriguet-Cacciatore

Lighting Up Lives

Let the stories of Chan from Life by ABC and Meriguet-Cacciatore from L’Abondance inspire us all. 

They remind us that from the darkest moments, new paths can emerge, illuminating our lives with the flickering glow of possibility and reminding us to pursue our passions fearlessly, even in the face of adversity.

Banner photo by Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels. 

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