New York's Scented Candle’s AI-Generated Fragrance

Unleash the fragrance revolution as this New York scented candle brand and AI create a whimsical scent-filled future.

Artificial intelligence has already proven its versatility in various fields, from being a friendly chatbot to planning your dream vacation and even generating images. 

But have you ever considered the idea of AI creating fragrances? Believe it or not, computers can also excel as perfume consultants!

Meet LAFCO, a luxury scented candle brand founded by Jon Bresler in 1992. 

Photo via Instagram @lafco

Unlike mass-produced candles, LAFCO takes pride in using only the purest ingredients to provide a natural and luxurious experience. 

And to ensure a clean and non-toxic burn, they incorporate 100% cotton wicks.

Photo via Instagram @lafco

Recently, LAFCO took luxury home fragrance to a whole new level by introducing a collection of deodorizing room sprays developed with the assistance of AI

According to Bresler, the founder of LAFCO, this technology consists of two parts. 

The first element is an odorless solution designed to combat the five main categories of malodors: skatole (smelling like feces), dimethyl trisulfide (rotting vegetables), ammonia (decomposing waste), isovaleric acid (feet), and thiogeraniol (sulfur).

LAFCO combined this odor-neutralizing solution with six of their best-selling fragrances, including Chamomile Lavender, Fresh Cut Gardenia, Marine, Champagne, Feu du Bois, and Sea & Dune. 

Photo via Instagram @lafco

But here’s where AI comes into play. The formula for each room spray was subjected to an algorithm developed by Cosmo International Fragrances

This intelligent algorithm identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a formula, recommending changes to optimize its effectiveness.

To illustrate, Bresler explains, “Let’s say the algorithm analyzes your Champagne room spray and identifies Compound A as enhancing the perception of malodor in skatole. It will suggest removing Compound A from the fragrance compound and replacing it with Compound Z.” 

In other words, AI assists in creating an odor-removing technology that maximizes the efficacy of the fragrance in eliminating malodors.

Photo via Instagram @lafco

LAFCO’s AI-assisted room sprays herald a new era for the fragrance industry, where computers and perfumers collaborate to streamline and optimize the formulation process. 

With fragrances often comprising numerous ingredients, an AI program capable of analyzing them all can revolutionize the fragrance community.

One intriguing area where AI could make a significant impact is in the realm of “functional fragrance,” which aims to boost mood and well-being. 

Bresler envisions a scenario where a perfumer wants to create a fragrance that promotes happiness with the scent of gardenia. 

He suggests that as a perfumer, it might be challenging to identify only perfume ingredients associated with happiness and then narrow them down to create a gardenia-like fragrance. 

This task, however, is one that an algorithm can accomplish in a matter of seconds by sifting through thousands of perfume ingredients.

Photo via Instagram @lafco

Banner photo via Instagram @lafco. 

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