Real Life Drama: Fans Are Spending Up to $30,000 to Witness the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial in Virginia - The Scene

Fans are also traveling from within the US and even Europe for a chance to enter the courthouse.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are at battle in an ongoing defamation trial, if you haven’t heard. The case that opened last April 11 has fans waiting on the edge of their seats for the final verdict. 

In 2018, Heard wrote a Washington Post op-ed identifying herself as a domestic abuse survivor. Although she did not name Depp, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor “claimed in a lawsuit that it hindered his career,” according to Page Six. 

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As a result, Depp sued his ex-wife for $50 million for defamation. Heard tried to dismiss the lawsuit, but the 36-year-old countersued for $100 million when a judge denied her request. 

Die-hard fans 

Although fans can watch live courtroom action unfold online, there are those spending thousands of dollars to spectate the trial live and share their support—primarily for Depp—at Virginia’s Fairfax County Courthouse. 

Several fans told People that they waited the night before the morning trials for a chance to spectate in the courtroom. “I’ve never been to a public trial before. I’ve never stayed up overnight for anything in line, and I came at 12:45 a.m.,” Sabrina Harrison said. “I’ve never done something like this in my 46 years of life.”

While Harrison is a Wisconsin native, another fan, Sharon Smith, made the costly trip to the US from Britain. Before flying to Virginia, she placed her belongings in storage to witness the trial’s first leg last month. When the trial’s not in season, she spends her time in Los Angeles. 

“For Johnny” 

 “I’ve been coming back and forth from LA, so you’re looking at $600 to $700 each time, 10 hours of your life in the air,” she told the publication. “But yeah, hotel, food, drinks, about $10,000.” 

Apart from other devoted fans sleeping in their cars, camping outside the courtroom, and ditching their wedding anniversaries to witness the trial, Ivan De Boer of Los Angeles has spent $30,000 (so far) on her trip. The 59-year-old even used up all her paid vacation time for the year.

“I took my whole year’s vacation so I could be here for Johnny,” she says. “I’m the same age as Johnny. I’m single, so I do what I want to, basically.”

About 100 people are allowed to enter the courthouse as trial spectators. According to TMZ, an additional 100 to 150 wristbands are allotted for entrance to the overflow room. 

Initially, Depp filed the lawsuit against Heard in 2019, but it was delayed to this year due to the pandemic. 

Banner photo from @depptrial on Instagram.

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