Prepare for A Holiday Beach Getaway with Cabanna Living

The fashion industry is witnessing a surge in brands putting sustainability at the forefront of its fashionable practices.

The much-awaited extended breaks to spend unwinding by yourself or with friends are finally around the corner. While some have booked their trips to experience the winter season, others stay in the country to keep warm in the tropics. Whether you choose to swim in the crystal clear waters surrounding Culion or lounge by the newly-renovated white beach of Boracay, an elegant resort look is a must. From large sunnies in your favorite hue to a floral print one-piece to elegant Cacatoès sandals, complete your look with Cabanna Living. This chic store for resort wear has opened in El Nido, Boracay, and Powerplant. You can be sure to find what you need to enjoy the beach in Cabanna Living.

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On Xandra Rocha: All Smiles one piece in Tropikal print. On Kelly Misa: You’re Lovely one piece in Bloom Spring Wood print.
Cabanna’s swimsuits come in different prints and colors.

Bask in nature’s glory

A trip to the beach becomes more delightful when you wear light fabrics in different prints and colors. Whether you are taking a stroll along the soft sand of the seaside or trying an ultimate adventure like kitesurfing, it is essential to wear your most comfortable pieces. Thankfully, Cabanna Living is mindful of its materials and products. Apart from designing unique pieces, the brand is aware of its impact on the environment.

It is imperative to note how Cabanna’s manufacturing processes include sustainable practices. About 82% of the brand’s swimwear comes from recycled fiber. The company transforms thousands of plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets into these stylish resort pieces.

Cacatoès is also among the many brands Cabanna carries. The Brazilian footwear brand produces sandals of 100% recyclable plastic. Crushing and powdering plastic revives PVC plastic. This is then reused into the beautiful items of Cacatoès like their famous bubblegum-scented sandals. Through the brands in Cabanna, you get to enjoy your vacation and adventure trips knowing you are wearing environment-friendly products.

Scroll below to see more of Cabanna Living’s products.

Xandra Rocha and Mika Martinez holding Cabanna Fringe Hats.
Cabanna Fringe Hat.
On Tricia: Illesteva Leonard II Mask.
Ria Prieto, Tricia Centenera, and Mika Martinez.

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