Your Luxury Garment Care Is Here With Reviva's Wet Cleaning Technology

The latest technology is the safer and more sustainable alternative to dry cleaning

It is a known fact that dressing in your most elegant and downright best is essential to gracing different affairs—or you know, any occasion possible, really. From brunches, dates to galas, each special coming together calls for a different style ensemble. Whether following trends or embodying your personal taste, you would carefully select the type and combination of your outfit. But it doesn’t just end there, because one knows that it is only necessary to take good care of your apparel even after you’ve grace your affairs. Your style pieces must always preserve its vibrant color and quality no matter how long you have been donning them on.

Caring for them gets quite difficult especially for dresses with intricate embroidery and complex patterns. Thankfully, Reviva has developed a safe and sustainable alternative to dry cleaning. They recently launched Wet Cleaning Technology in the country, your state-of-the-art method for luxury fashion and garment care. No matter the fabric, quality, and design of your style pieces, Wet Cleaning can maintain its original luster.

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LEFT: The launch of Wet Cleaning Technology. RIGHT: Reviva PH Co-founder and Managing Director Caloy and Charmaine Ang.

Conscious of the environment

Dry Cleaning has always been the go-to method for caring for your apparel. Yet dry cleaners turn out to expose us to a harmful chemical called Perc. This chemical lingers on clothes and evaporates, risking us from acquiring different health-related concerns. Kreussler Textile Care with Reviva brings an alternative, Wet Cleaning Technology. It uses Lanadol to clean the garments. It emits a milder scent and it proves to be a safer fiber protecting agent compared to Perc.

Wet Cleaning also involves Form Finisher in its cleaning process. It brings back the original form of the clothes, unlike Dry Cleaning that swells and deforms garments. With the special equipment and biodegradable cleaners of this latest technology, caring for your garments protects you and the environment.

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LEFT: Francis Libiran’s Tactile collection. RIGHT: Hannah Kong bridal collection.

Reviva Luxury Garment Care has definitely changed the industry. With partner designers like Francis Libiran, Hannah Kong, and Happy Andrada, Reviva continues to prove it can preserve the beauty of your garments. No matter the style and design, be it haute couture, bespoke and dapper suits, elaborate dresses, and gowns with detailed embroidery, Reviva’s Wet Cleaning Technology is your safest alternative to Dry Cleaning.

For more information, visit, or contact +63 925 740 4868. You can also find Reviva at G/F Aspire & Dream Tower, Calle Industria cor C-5, Eastwood, Quezon City; B122, Lower Ground Level, The Podium, Mandaluyong City; and G/F Venice Luxury Residences, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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