Rise of Webinars and Online Shows in the New Normal

With the number of shows shooting up, it is proving to be the new access for education and entertainment

As the quarantine forced galleries, theaters, and stages to close, people turned to their screens for their much-needed solace from the harsh pandemic impact. Going online used to be a past time but when the quarantine was imposed, most of our days were spent watching series and tuning in to podcasts. Some even started their own Instagram Lives or uploaded (quite a lot, but no judgments) on a popular Chinese video-sharing social networking app. With much time on our hands, we keep coming up with creative ways not only to entertain ourselves but to educate and inspire others. The sudden rise of online shows and webinars amid the pandemic is steering us into a purely digital world–perhaps a soon-to-be constant in the new normal.

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(Photo from Charles Deluvio)

Growth of online subscriptions

Starting mid-March this year, well-known streaming service Netflix saw explosive growth in its number of subscribers. It shot up to more than 22% year over year and now has 183 million subscribers as of writing. Netflix’s earnings mostly come from international content and so they focus on developing their pipeline of releases in that area. CEO Reed Hastings explains, “Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen our members watching more content from other countries or cultures. In part, that’s because people have had more time to explore our service… The more global we become, the more important it is that we work with local, diverse creators to tell local, authentic stories that speak to us all.”

Other streaming services are proving to be more stable than ever. Disney Plus earned more than 22 million subscribers in two months while Apple Inc. may have initially struggled to meet expectations but now has 515 million subscribers from the 125 last year.

LEFT: Modern Parenting show. RIGHT: The Spoiled Mummy’s show. (Photos from Instagram)
Other featured personalities and guests in Modern Parenting’s show in July. (Photo from Instagram)

Creating own shows

What does this explosive growth mean for us? As consumers, we get encouraged to produce our own shows as well. Apart from the business aspect, we find satisfaction in creating content. From skincare tips, fitness challenges, house projects, to inspirational talks, people started sharing what we know to the world. After all, we now have more time to learn something new, improve on a skill, or find comfort in listening and sharing personal stories.

Among the many online shows that rose amid this ongoing pandemic is Business As Usual with Tessa, featuring the philanthropist herself, Tessa Prieto-Valdez. Together with a featured personality, they shared tips in excelling in respective industries and promoting local businesses. Other recent shows include Modern Parenting featuring a number of personalities like Franco Laurel, Z Teo, and Cat Antonio to share how they navigate the parenting landscape amid the pandemic. Grace Barbers-Baja also launched Mummy Talks series where she invited guests like Sec. Berna Romulo-Puyat and Happy Skin Founder Rissa Mananquil Trillo. They talk about a range of topics from the state of tourism in the country to how the pandemic is changing people’s beauty routine.

With the explosion of online shows and webinars, there will always be ones fit to what we are looking for while we deal with the pandemic impact. It’s all about following the right accounts and channels.

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