6 Society Members Speak Up and Continue the Conversation

As the country waited in bated breath for the end of a three-month paralyzing lockdown, several key society influencers afforded friends and supporters a number of online avenues for education and entertainment

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Pinky Tobiano in the shoot of her shows.

Pinky Tobiano

One forgets that Pinky is also a licensed chemist whenever you see her make runways out of Manila’s society scene. An intelligent woman with a heart of gold, her show on her Facebook page (Chemist Pinky Tobiano) teaches viewers effective hygienic practices while inviting various personalities to join in the conversation.

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Grace Barbers-Baja

We’ve all seen @thespoiledmummy in action. Starting thought-provoking dialogues on women empowerment and whipping up fresh batches of culinary creations, Grace is a role model for many aspiring mompreneurs. Catch her on Instagram Live as she discusses important topics with invited guests.

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(Photo by Floyd Jhocson)

Ferdi Salvador

Friends tuned in to Ferdi on Instagram Live (@ferdisalvador) as he shared homemade recipes where he cooked for charity and entertained viewers with witty one-liners and fascinating anecdotes. Occasionally, guests would chime in and cook in parallel making his videos fun and different from the last.

LEFT: Janthina Fong-Niggeman. RIGHT: Unlock Philippines podcast.

Jet Acuzar and Janthina Fong-Niggemann

For anything new normal related, Jet created the Unlock Philippines podcast which airs once or twice a week, bringing in a colorful cast of both experts and everyday individuals to promote newfound cultures in light of the global pandemic in a span of thirty minutes of easy listening. Put your air pods on and press play.

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Tim Yap

Giving more reason to continue celebrations amidst the lockdown, Manila’s life of the party, Tim Yap brings in many familiar faces in his Facebook show, Tim Yap LIVE to discuss a wide range of topics, play entertaining games with guests, and feature wonderful stories worth your attention. Catch him on his next episode or watch his past videos.

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