Wedding Stylists' Partnership Blossomed As A Rewarding Venture

Visionary creatives Allen Uy and JP de Jesus share what it’s like to work with a partner and what goes into designing weddings together.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s August 2023 Issue.

For most people, their wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It’s a day to go all out on celebrating with your dearest friends and family, and what can make it more special than to hold the event in the most stunning venues?

Allen Uy and JP de Jesus of Blooms Event Styling have been in the industry for eight years now. Both have gained the expertise to create the most picturesque scenes on wedding days. Their business started as a side job while they were full time interior designers. But eventually, they decided to pursue their careers in event styling.

Allen Uy and JP de Jesus of Blooms Event Styling
Allen Uy and JP de Jesus of Blooms Event Styling

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“The client’s appreciation of the work that we deliver gave us confidence and assurance in a way that [told us] we can do it and we have potential in this field,” the pair tells Lifestyle Asia in an exclusive interview.


Working on events can be hectic, especially with the fast pace and everyone’s busy schedules. “I would say that our work is really physically draining, especially if the setup is elaborate,” Allen says. But what keeps him motivated is the client’s trust and their vision for their wedding.

“I apply the discipline and skills that I gained from interior design to this field,” Allen explains, when asked to describe his work ethic. “The rest is magic and hard work supported by a lot of prayers.”

Wedding venue

JP, on the other hand, is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to work. “I’m very particular even with the minute details. We don’t put anything and everything just to fill up the space. Everything has to be cohesive with the concept and design,” he shares.

Their clients often commend their clean and polished results. This is important because at the end of the day, what the client wants comes first. “It’s always a collaboration between us and them,” JP continues. “Our aim is not just to make them happy, but to exceed their expectations. A happy client is always a cure for a stressed and exhausted mind and body.”

Wedding venue

As partners both at work and in real life (for 16 years now), going into business together can get tricky at times. But being so comfortable with each other, Allen and JP have found the right balance. “The advantage of working with a partner is that we can give honest comments on each other’s work,” they answer, when asked about their partnership.

Building on each other’s ideas, they’re able to create beautiful designs that are appropriate for every particular theme. As partners, the load never gets too heavy to bear because they’re not alone. Tasks are always divided between the two of them, allowing them to focus on their own areas of expertise.

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Photos by Adrian Ardiente.

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