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One mom of three may help you address your skin concerns with videos under three minutes.

Who says only kids can have all the fun on the quick streaming app Tiktok? Although it’s known to be an app used by Gen Z, moms from other generations aren’t missing out on the casual yet amusing content creation. Coming from different industries like television and business, these women aren’t afraid of showcasing their more carefree sides by partaking in Tiktok’s tend of dancing, lip-syncing, and acting out skits.

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Here are five moms who, just by beinf themselves, have large followings on Tiktok. From Small Laude expanding her whimsical internet presence to Vicky Belo making her expertise available to the public, you may want to give them a follow to see what they post next.

Small Laude

Much like many successful YouTube vloggers, entrepreneur Small Laude expands her internet presence to TikTok. Laude’s Youtube channel currently has over 340,000 subscribers, while her Tiktok page, launched last month, has over 31,000 followers.


Still Alive! Yey!

♬ Stayin’ Alive – From “Saturday Night Fever” Soundtrack – Bee Gees

On how the mother of four got into vlogging, she tells Philippine Star that it was suggested to her by her friend and broadcast journalist Karen Davila. 

“There were times when I [thought] of what else I can do besides helping my husband in the office because it’s not a full-time job,” Laude shares. “There were times when I got bored. One time, I was talking to my close friend Karen Davila. I asked her about vlogging, and she said, why don’t I give it a try? Then, I left for the U.S. and just filmed whatever. I asked someone to edit it for me, and when I saw the finished product, it made me happy. Then, I decided to start vlogging.”

You can follow Small Laude on Tiktok here.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio

The mom of three joined Tiktok last July and has gained 37,400 followers anticipating her comical content. From posting snippets of her travels to skits with Carlo, her husband, and lip-syncing to songs with her kids, Antonio knows she can utilize the app to showcase her fun side. 


My morning coffee. ☕️

♬ original sound – AmythedivaArmstrong

On her Instagram page, where she also cross-posts her Tiktoks, you’ll see the other side of the entrepreneur’s inclination to fashion, wellness, and arranging gatherings with friends and family. 


Partying like we’re in our 20’s at 40. #ParentsOfTikTok

♬ original sound – Yanna💙😚

You can follow Cat Arambulo-Antonio on Tiktok here.

Ruffa Gutierrez 

The actress joined Tiktok during its boom last year and published a dance video as her first post. Gutierrez also shares snippets of her appearances on local talk shows, behind-the-scenes clips while taping shows, and mini-vlogs of her self-care days.


When you’re excited at first then realize you can’t dance 💃 🤪😂 #tiktok #tiktokdance

♬ original sound – Ruffa Gutierrez

Since joining the app, the mom of two has followers and likes count 411,500 and 823,300, respectively. 

You can follow Ruffa Gutierrez on Tiktok here.

Vicki Belo 

The founder of Belo Medical Group runs a Tiktok page where you can get helpful advice on skincare. In fact, she makes it a point to answer skin-related questions found in her comments section.


Reply to @xipen7_ I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again ! I do not recommend using moisturizers in the PHILIPPINES . #skintok #skincare

♬ original sound – Vicki Belo, M.D.

For example, in response to a comment on why she doesn’t recommend using moisturizer, Belo shares that the heavy cream product contains oily ingredients that clog pores. Instead, she advises using gel-based hydrators and letting water from the Philippines’ humid climate stay in the skin.


Scarlet and I love to match our clothes 👯‍♀️✨ Have you noticed we’re always wearing twinning outfits? #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #motherdaughterlove

♬ Say So – Doja Cat

Other than offering expert skin tips, the mother of three also enjoys sharing posts of her youngest daughter Scarlet. 

You can follow Vicky Belo on Tiktok here.

Solenn Heussaff

“How does this work lol,” is written in Heussaff’s Tiktok bio. Although the new mom admits she’s not an expert on the many ways one can use the app, Heussaff still shares posts sans heavy editing.


♬ Dance Monkey – วิดีโอจีน

You can follow the multi-hyphenate for viral dances between takes on set, uses wacky filters on her husband Nico, and different outfits from her breastfeeding-friendly clothing line with brand Elin.

You can follow Solenn Heussaff on Tiktok here.

Banner photo from @catarambulo on Tiktok.

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