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Every pearl is a living miracle—and every Jewelmer creation places the unique luster of this magical jewel in full display

When Beatrice Luigi Gomez graced the cover of Lifestyle Asia’s January issue adorned in Jewelmer’s pieces, we felt it was only appropriate to dedicate a pearl guide to those who love an artful arrangement of pearls in their jewelry box.

There is a subtle art to curating a look with more than one jewelry piece or associating a meaningful piece to your favorite ensemble or the vibe of the day. We’ve drawn up a manual that aims to cater to everyone looking at pearl jewelry, whether you’re looking for a statement piece to turn heads or seeking an everyday companion to wear forever. Here is a round-up of our favorite Jewelmer pieces to add to your collection.

The Less-is-More Edit

Beginning with the brand’s most timeless designs, the iconic Les Classiques collection includes essential jewelry pieces that form the foundation of Jewelmer. Each Les Classiques creation is a minimalist adornment that simply goes with everything. They add a sense of nonchalant elegance and ease to every ensemble and can be worn no matter the occasion.

Jewelmer’s wide range of fine pieces are bursting with the oceanic beauty of the South Sea pearl

Composed of carefully matched pearls, the Les Classiques strands exemplify a rarity that can only come from the miraculous result of meticulous care from both man and nature. Simple yet profound, subtle yet captivating, the pearl strand gleams to the glow of its wearer as an unmatched piece of perfection.

The Statement Ring Edit

The Les Mignonnes Ring boasts a distinct design that manages to present the beauty of diamonds and the South Sea Pearl together

A classic piece that brings subtle attitude, the Les Mignonnes collection is characterized by pearls suspended in pretty bows strewn from sparkling diamond branches. The sweetest inspiration brings a collection that is a tribute to an age of innocence and delight.

The Non-traditional Studs Edit

These Guimard Earrings are laden with luminous diamonds that will catch anyone’s eye

Jewelmer’s stud earrings are an impactful way to amp up your everyday look without going over the top. The Guimard Earrings take inspiration from the fascinating and luminous vision of French architect and designer Hector Guimard. As light reflects on the smooth metal and refined curves, the unfolding of the flowing line embellishes the Guimard Earrings.

The Luxurious Bangle Edit

The Comète’s refined appearance showcases the level of craftsmanship that Jewelmer dedicates in each of its pieces

For those looking for a timeless design, the Comète Collection mesmerizes the eyes in showcasing a woman’s undeniable qualities—rare, ethereal, and breathtaking. In presenting classic and unique pieces that exude a sophisticated masculinity, the collection proves that there’s always a dazzling piece of jewelry for everyone.

The Decadent Necklace Edit

Pearl necklaces are creations that can be passed down from generation to generation. Laden with diamonds that add a pop of sparkle, each opulent creation is impactful and intricately handcrafted. Contours of lustrous gold and diamonds define the dynamic Cruise pieces. Inspired by the legendary vessels of ages past, Jewelmer’s Cruise Collection embodies the thrill and ease of exploration, evoking the beauty of working with the currents.

A true mark of luxury, the Dolce Rosa Necklace comes as the perfect trinket for only the most significant of moments

This stunning reincarnation of the timeless rose in the Dolce Rosa Necklace. Composed of scintillating petals unfurled in pavé diamonds with the pearl at its heart, this unforgettable treasure embodies a sumptuous feast of nature and romance.

Exhibiting the highest brilliance, the Madame De Pompadour necklace combines world-class craftsmanship with the best luxury materials

The exceptional Madame De Pompadour collection takes inspiration from the legacy of legendary creator and patroness, Madame de Pompadour. Brilliant swirls and jewels emulate the same vibrant energy that has captivated imaginations for centuries.

The Minimalist Dangling Earrings Edit

With its uniquely-shaped pearls, the Champaign Darling Earrings are the best conversation starters for any joyous occasion

Add femininity and refinement to each and every outfit with the Champagne Dangling Earrings. Golden and effervescent, champagne has come to symbolize wonderful memories, overflowing joy, and a sheer love of life. The bubbles that give this well-loved spirit a unique sparkle are encapsulated by the elegant Champagne Dangling Earrings; reminding us of these unforgettable moments of bliss.

The Striking Bracelet Edit

Intricate yet instantly-recognizable, the Tropics Bracelet succinctly portrays the unbeatable beauty of Mother Nature

For those looking for a beautiful accent that is ideal for year-round wear, we present the Tropics Bracelet. Composed of precious stones, sparkling gold, and South Sea pearls, the Tropics Bracelet serves as a reminder of how Mother Nature always rewards the earth with gifts of abundance and grandeur when it is afforded with the respect it deserves.

So why, exactly, is pearl jewelry capturing such public fascination?

Five years, 377 steps, the most pristine environmental conditions, as well as the utmost human care to be cultivated; a single Jewelmer pearl is already a work of art in itself and a natural phenomenon. This is why every Jewelmer piece acts as a gentle reminder to be kind to the environment, to live in coexistence with the living world, and to give attention to nature’s wonders. Jewelmer is committed to constantly innovating and reinventing itself through its exquisite collections, ensuring that the beauty and luster of the golden South Sea pearl is treasured around the world.

For more information, visit Jewelmer at their official website and follow them at their official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates.

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