Anticipating The Trends Of 2024 In Food, Design, And Fashion

As we bid farewell to the fashion phenomena of 2023, we’re gearing up for another rollercoaster ride of trends in 2024. 

From haute couture to your dinner plate and the very essence of your living space, here’s a sneak peek into what the trends reveal.

Food Foresight

Embarking on a gastronomic journey, our first stop is the realm of food and beverage. 

According to New Food magazine, the culinary landscape in 2024 is set to witness a dynamic shift. And we’re not just talking about what’s on your plate but what’s happening in the lab and fields.

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Photo by Lily Banse via Unsplash


In the pursuit of health and wellness, Mintel forecasts a surge in interest in gut health for 2024. 

No crystal ball needed here—Google searches for “gut health” were on the rise in 2023, reflecting a growing awareness among consumers. 

With research from the likes of the Global Prebiotic Association, expect a smorgasbord of probiotics, prebiotics, and functional foods taking center stage. This offers a diverse array of options to nourish your gut microbiome.

From kimchi and kombucha to innovative probiotic-infused snacks, the market is evolving to cater to those prioritizing digestive well-being.

Photo by Portuguese Gravity via Unsplash

Less Ultra-Processed, More Quality

Navigating through the food landscape, we find ourselves at the crossroads of processed and ultra-processed products. 

In 2022, the UK Government introduced restrictions on promoting high-fat, salt, or sugar (HFSS) products, causing quite a stir. 

Mintel’s trends report emphasizes the need for clear communication to help consumers make informed decisions about processed and ultra-processed items in their diets.

Photo by Mark DeYoung via Unsplash

According to Newfood, Floortje Hoette, CEO of Produced in Kent, notes a rise in innovative independent businesses prioritizing quality ingredients and mindful processing. 

Could the growing awareness of health implications associated with ultra-processed foods lead to a shift toward favoring whole, natural ingredients? 

The next 12 months will unveil the answer.

Design Dynamics

Transitioning to the world of design, 2023 was a bit wobbly. But according to Max Fraser, editorial director at Dezeen, 2024 is poised to be a year of design transformation.

Aesthetic Imperfection Appreciation

Move over perfection; it’s time to embrace the quirks. 

The push for material intelligence is gaining momentum, emphasizing the beauty in imperfections. 

When it comes to natural materials, the call is to celebrate the inconsistencies in color, texture, and grain rather than eradicate them. 

This is highlighted by Formafantasma’s Cambio research project.

Project by Formafantasma/Photo via Design Museo’s official YouTube account

Raw and Mono-Material Magic

According to Dezeen, Designers are steering towards simplicity by reducing the complexity of materials. The goal is to create products easily disassembled for repair or recyclability.

As circularity becomes the norm, a ‘circular aesthetic’ emerges, celebrating efficient use of materials and raw finishes. 

David Taylor’s Knuckle light for Hem, with its raw, folded, uncoated aluminum, stands as a prime example.

David Taylor’s Knuckle/Photo via David Taylor’s official website

Fashion Forecasts

Lastly, let’s talk threads. What will we be wearing as we stride into 2024? Here are the top picks from fashion enthusiasts.

Short Shorts Take the Spotlight

British Vogue predicts a resurgence of short shorts. Micro shorts stole the show in Milan and Paris, making a bold statement as the logical conclusion to autumn’s no-pants trend.

Prada SS24/Photo via Prada’s official website

All White Everything

Designers are shifting towards all-white ensembles, ranging from diaphanous and sheer to intricately embroidered. 

A departure from the usual burst of spring colors, this trend signals a return to elegance in simplicity.

Photo via Valentino’s official website

Sailor Chic Sets Sail

Sailor chic, characterized by nautical elements like stripes and crisp tailoring, is making waves in the fashion scene. 

Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu are setting the stage with their pre-Fall and Spring 2024 collections. Featuring naval-inspired outfits and high-collared preppy polo shirts.

Photo via Louis Vuitton’s official website

There you have it—the trends and predictions that will shape 2024, from your plate to your living room and straight into your wardrobe. 

Stay tuned as we ride the wave of innovation and style in the months ahead!

Banner photo by Anh Nguyen via Unsplash.

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