Unbothered Queens: Keep Your Hair, Nails, and Face Looking Fresh During The Summer - Mirror,Mirror

If you can’t take the heat, get out and find these timely lifestyle products.

Sometimes in April, one has to open their wallet to save time and resources in the long run. 

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Retouching, for instance, can eat your productive hours without you noticing as the precious Summer time wastes away.

This is why it’s important to invest in lifestyle products designed to make you feel and look good no matter the circumstances outside.

Here are products to help you keep everything on point during the summer.

Hair don’t care

Haircare can be a hassle, but Phyto’s April Collection finds a compromise between comfort and convenience in a botanical hairspray.

The Phytolaque 2 Light Hold 100-milliliter formula protects each strand with a soft finish while offering a weightless hold. This is perfect for particularly sensitive hair that is prone to the effects of the sun or wind.

Phytolaque 2 Light Hold

Similarly, the Phytolaque 3 Medium Hold 100-milliliter formula creates a medium to strong hold and finish. It strengthens the strand while keeping any tedious style in place for all hair types.

Phytolaque 3 Medium Hold

Both products use natural ingredients and botanical extracts to nurture the delicate balance between weight and function.

You can shop here.

Nailed it

Deborah Lippmann’s April Collection offers a “cure” for the cuticles.

The Cure Cuticle Cream relieves fingertips by repairing and protecting dry cuticles. This is done through a potent dose of treatment ingredients comprising the cream.

The Cure Cuticle Cream

Meanwhile, the Gel Lab Pro’s Woke, Boujee, and Everytime We Touch variants each offer different nail solutions. All of these, nonetheless, act to provide health, wear, and shine for nails.

Gel Lab Pro Everytime We Touch

Everytime We Touch is a cantaloupe color with a creme finish, Woke is sea blue creme, and Boujee is a peach base with a pink shimmer.

Gel Lab Pro Woke

You can shop here.

Kiss and makeup

Lastly, Jane Iredale’s April Collections consist of the Amazing Base and Powder Me SPF refillable brushes, as well as the Smooth Affair Primers.

The Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen is a solution for the face, body, and scalp in a refillable flow-through vegan brush. Its translucent and nude tones can be worn by themselves or over makeup.

Powder Me SPF Refillable Brush

The counterpart refillable brush, the Amazing Base, applies a mineral foundation with broad-spectrum sun protection. This is available in five shades: warm silk, natural, bisque, golden glow, and warm sienna.

Amazing Base Refillable Brush

On the other hand, the Smooth Affair Face Primers come in three formulas to quench the skin and minimize pores while helping to smooth and prolong makeup. The three formulas are Illuminating Glow, Brightening, and Oily Skin.

Smooth Affair Face Primers

You can shop here.

Photos via Rustan’s The Beauty Source

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